personality differences

How to deal with personality differences

No man is an island. That phrase reeks of accuracy. No matter what personality you are, you can never be alone. However, the fact we all have...
You must be intentional about creating good habits

How to Develop Good Habits That Stick

Good Habits? I am sure you may have heard of that a million times. You’ve watched a thousand motivational videos that talked to you...
it's good to live intentionally

How to Live Intentionally Every Day

“Live intentionally”. These two words carry so much weight and impact, but unfortunately, a lot of people are living their lives in a mess. In a world...

Does The Friendzone Really Exist?

Truthfully I’ll say no. The friendzone is just a provocative and “toxic” term used by a lot of people (especially men) to signify they are nice...
Psychotherapy is very beneficial

Top Reasons Why You Go for Psychotherapy

Were you trained to always bottle up emotions? Do you find it hard to share your feelings with other people? Were you taught to...
Pretty privilege is underestimated

Pretty Privilege: Are we ready for this conversation?

Pretty Privilege is something a lot of people know exist, but feel uncomfortable talking about it. What does it mean to have a privilege? Privilege is an...