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  1. I’m a lady but you see that testicles adjustment 😅, it is usually obvious and I can just imagine how embarrassed guys feel

  2. They’re all funny but true
    😀😀 I remembered when my roommate and I cleaned our entire house in less than an hour cos a girl was on the way and we’ve been postponing that clean up for days so motivation 😀😁

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What are those embarrassing things guys do that you have no knowledge of? Of course, everyone has their embarrassing moments and being a guy can make it a lot crazier. Guys have been known to conceal a lot of things that happen to them and in turn it just makes it harder to read them. But what are those things guys do and think of when they are alone or with their fellow guys.

I asked 10 guys to tell me embarrassing things they do and how common it can be. Here are their answers.

1. “Checking out the length of my dick using a mirror and nod when I notice a significant increase.”

Men love their penises. It can not be over emphasized. Millions of men would rather die than have you take their penis away. No matter how small it is, as long as it’s there, they are good. It just doesn’t make sense to them to be without one. When you hit a guy in the nuts, every guy around a 5 mile radius can literally feel it.

2. “Getting erections in public or weird places.” – an embarrassing thing guys do

You don’t know the struggle if you don’t have a penis. Having an erection in public is one of the embarrassing things guys do. For one it sticks out, making it pretty obvious. Secondly will be seen as a pervert even when you aren’t. You either sit down longer to hind it or find another technique.

It’s just so hard!. Literally.

3. “ most of the times you see us walking funny, we are trying to adjust our testicles”. – another embarrassing thing guys do

Have you ever been walking with or behind a guy and you notice his walking step changes a bit for the briefest moments?. There it is. The testicle adjuster.

4. “I wish I could increase my penis size. And I tell you, it’s not just me. No matter how okay your penis is, you’ve always wondered how you’ll live your life with a slightly bigger penis”

I read this book “The Book Of The Penis” by Maggie Paley and it made me understand a whole lot how men view their penises. It’s like a mini-them. Having a bigger penis always makes sense. It just does. Do you know most guys name their penises?

5. “One embarrassing thing I do as a guy is enjoying romantic movies and songs. It might not be embarrassing to girls but as a guy, how do you explain you cried at the end of titanic. You don’t”.

It’s easily understandable to be honest. Guys never want you to know they enjoy romantic movies or that they even cry. Nope. Not going to happen. So, when you do it, it can be pretty embarrassing to say.

6. “We have about 2-3 voices. It really depends. How I sound when talking to a girl I like is different from how I sound when talking to my guys. It’s also different from the voice I use to buy food”.

I think this multiple voice thing is common to everyone. Your voice just slightly changes, especially if you’re talking to your crush. She has to hear the sexy part of you. You can’t just be talking any how. So yes, maybe it could come off as an embarrassing thing guys do but trust me, it’s not so much.

7. “An embarrassing thing I do, or even think of is my wedding. I know people think it’s just for the bride but I wouldn’t mind it being perfect and looking great too. Trust me, I’m not the only guy on this”.

I mean it’s your day too. Go ahead and think about it. The bride isn’t marrying herself or is she?

8. “Walking up to a girl is a lot harder than it seems. It’s even worse when she’s with her friends. You’re just preparing yourself for any embarrassment that follows. It’s not funny”

“Toasting” is usually left for guys but I’ve listened to so many stories that went sour. Be strong Kings!

9. “We may or may not be as dirty as people think. I mean we aren’t pigs but sometimes cleaning can be annoying. Except your babe is coming over then clean clean clean away”.

Girls are definitely cleaner than most guys from what I’ve heard and seen in some cases. I mean sometimes it can be portrayed worse on social media but on the bright side, cleaning for a girl is still cleaning right?.

10.“I was scared of losing my virginity. Girls aren’t the only ones. I mean, you can get excited as a guy but doesn’t mean you don’t worry a bit. It can be embarrassing to talk about”. – I guess expressing yourself can be an embarrassing thing guys do.

Well thanks for coming clean with this. Basically, most embarrassing about men has to do with their penis or their words.


Lots of embarrassing things guys do, which shocked you the most and what do you think should make the list?

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10 Embarrassing things guys do. You’d be surprised.

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