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What are the cute things to say to your girlfriend every day to make her happy? When it comes to your girlfriend, she deserves the world and this includes beautiful words of the mouth. Finding the right words to say to your girlfriend can be pretty challenging especially if you’re not so good with words. But it’s a beautiful thing you should really put your heart into because it’ll make her blush and appreciate how thoughtful you are.

This article would help you with the best things to say to your girlfriend without having to overthink it. Sometimes you think what you’re about to say is the right thing but then most times it’s usually not. If words aren’t your forte but you want your girl to feel special then you’ve come to the right place. Taking out time to verbalize how much your girlfriend means to you never goes unnoticed. In fact, it could be a relationship saver and you don’t want to sleep on it.

If you’re familiar with the 5 love languages, then you’ll understand that words of affirmation is the best way to show your love for some people. Simply through the use of words. Your girlfriend’s love language could be the simple act of spoken words. Generally, everybody loves being appreciated and we all know women love compliments. Chris Rock says that women just need food, water and compliments. And oh, an occasional pair of shoes. Isn’t that crazy? Right and oh so true too.

Importance of Words and When to Use Them

man and woman sitting on gray beanbag

Saying the right words to your partner can either make or break them. Sometimes we underestimate the power we have over people we love. Words can be used when you wake up in the morning, randomly, when something great happens etc. there’s really no formula in knowing when to say the right words to your partner. Although cute words can’t be used when they are angry per se, other words can be used instead.

Below is example of words you can tell your girlfriend in the morning:

  • Good morning beautiful
  • You look so beautiful this morning.
  • Hope you slept well.
  • Stay right there, I’ll make you a cup of coffee.
  • I love waking up next to you
  • I love you.
  • Wanna snuggle for the day?
  • This isn’t a dream huh?
  • I want to eat you out
  • Come let me hold you for a while longer.

One of the most important factors of saying cute things to your girlfriend is making sure you add a little body language. When you tell her all of these things, you want to hold her or brush her hair away from her face. You want to lean in and make your voice firm but low. Something to get her thinking. Especially if you’ll be adding a little nastier commentary as time goes by.

What happens when you aren’t close to her?

woman holding someone's hand

If you aren’t close to your girl in the morning and would still like to send her some good morning love, other options for you include:

  • I wish you were waking up here with me.
  • Hope you had a great night. Mine wasn’t all that without you by my side.
  • I miss your bed head and your droopy morning eyes.
  • You were the first thing I thought about this morning.
  • I miss you
  • Good morning my darling/angel/love
  • I love you.
  • I hope you have a great day ahead
  • Think of me because I’ll be thinking of you
  • Wanna go grab breakfast
  • I can’t wait to see you
  • I can’t wait to hold you
  • Too bad you’re not here for me to kiss you good morning.
  • I miss the taste of your lips
  • Another day as the luckiest man on earth because I have you
  • How’s my girl feeling this morning?
  • I thought of you all night
  • Wanna go grab lunch later today.
  • I miss waking up in your arms/you waking up in my arms
  • How’s the morning at your end? Mines not so beautiful without you here.

When sending texts to your partner or talking over the phone, since body language can’t exactly come into play, you can always make use of your voice and emojis. These are so much better than sending bland texts to your partner hoping they like it when they can’t decipher how you feel. Other options include telling them through video calls or leaving a message on their voice mail. You can never go wrong with these tips.

Cute Words to Tell Your Girlfriend Randomly

man whispering on womans ear on brown grass field
  • Why are you the cutest?
  • You’re so beautiful.
  • I’m completely in love with your smile.
  • I’m utterly and irrevocably in love with you.
  • Come let’s go eat.
  • Imagining life without you hurts.
  • Your smile lights up my world
  • With you by my side, I find everything beautiful
  • You are my sunshine
  • Your love keeps me going everyday
  • Do your legs hurt? Because you’re always going through my mind.
  • Are you a thief? Because you stole my heart.
  • Does your face hurt from carrying all that beauty?
  • I want this to last forever
  • Come here. Come close to me.
  • I miss you.
  • Wanna cuddle?
  • Come home soon.
  • Come home safe.
  • Have a lovely day ahead.
  • I want the very best things for you.

As mentioned above, body language matters a lot. Draw her in for a kiss. On the lips, cheek and forehead. One thing is, no matter how cheesy the line is, as long as it’s coming from you, she’ll appreciate it so you don’t have to worry about that. Cute things to say to your girlfriend to make are smile are unending but you don’t want to skip the most important part which is the body language and the sound of your voice.

It is important to note that cute things to say to your girlfriend should be said from your heart and not just your voice. It’s easily detectable when the reverse is the case.

Cute Things to Say to Your Girlfriend When She’s Angry

woman holding arms of man

Now this is very tricky. When your girlfriend is angry about something you did or something else in general, it’s difficult finding the right words to say but then it’s not impossible. Let’s assume she’s angry at you and you’re genuinely sorry and don’t have the right words to say. Well here are the best words to use without making it worse.

  • I’m sorry
  • I will never do it again
  • I take full responsibility for my behavior
  • Please don’t be sad, it breaks my heart
  • Give me a chance to make things better
  • I will not give up on this relationship
  • I want you even on our bad days
  • Please talk to me
  • I love you
  • Seeing you this way because of me is killing me.
  • Let me make it better
  • I know I haven’t been the best boyfriend and I’m sorry. Please give me another chance.
  • You’re still my favorite human on earth
  • I miss you so so much
  • Tell me what’s wrong and I’ll fix it now
  • I still care about you
  • Please talk to me when you’re ready
  • I want to see you
  • I want to hold you
  • Give me one more chance

Being sincere to your girlfriend when she’s mad at you is the only logical way to go about this. You might notice her forgiving you when she starts talking to you more, laughing at your jokes and asking questions about your well-being. However, if you don’t, then you have to put in a lot more effort.


Cute Things to Say to Your Girlfriend to Cheer Her Up

woman hugging man selective focus photography

What do you say to your girlfriend when she’s sad and you’d like to cheer her up?. Maybe she’s going through a tough time and needs the extra support from you. Words you tell her are important to encourage her so you need to be completely cautious of what you let her here. Some cute words to tell her include:

  • You’re going to nail this.
  • You are easily the best.
  • Better opportunities would come up.
  • It’s their loss. You’re badass.
  • Don’t let it weigh you down.
  • There’ll be another opportunity.
  • You did really good.
  • You are valued
  • Keep up the good work
  • You can only run out of chances when you quit
  • I admire your strength
  • I admire your courage
  • You are not alone.
  • I’m always here. Talk to me.
  • Everything would make sense soon enough
  • I’m so proud of you

These words are good enough to make her feel a lot better.

Random Cute Things to Say to Your Girlfriend

man carrying woman near shutter door

Random cute things to say to your girlfriend never gets old. You can always use the ones mentioned above at the right times. But what other cute things can you randomly throw at your girlfriend to get her smiling?

  • Damn you look good
  • Who’s the pretty girl? You are.
  • You’re amazing
  • Nice _____
  • Excuse me ma’am, do you have a partner?
  • I wanna take you out on a date.
  • Let’s go shopping.
  • I bought you this thing you say you liked.
  • Come let me hold you
  • Hold me
  • I love you
  • I trust you.

What cute thing would you say to your girlfriend today?

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100 Cute Things to Say to Your Girlfriend

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