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If you’ve ever wanted to tell someone the reasons why you loved them but couldn’t for some reason, here are 100 reasons why I love you. From plays, to sonnets, movies to music, love is everywhere around us. Showing someone how much you love them doesn’t make you weak. It also doesn’t make you a loser. It is quite understandable how the world is now, everyone guarding their heart without wanting to be first to profess. But if you find someone who truly loves you or that you truly love, why hold back?

Telling people how exactly they make you feel can cut out a lot of unnecessary drama and uncertainty. Even though a lot of people would like to admit it. Also, reassurance in a relationship can keep it going. It can make it feel like it’s never going to end. One of these words of reassurance is a simple “reasons why I love you are” and so on. Unending and very much satisfy.

man and woman holding each others hands

Reasons Why I Love You

Every last one of us loves a person because of how they make us feel or what they do for us. Truthfully speaking, all love is selfish. We all want to be with someone considering not just them but our own happiness. Reasons why you could love a person based on how they make you feel include:

  1. I love you because you make me a better person.
  2. Because you’re always here for me.
  3.  You choose me.
  4. Because you make me breakfast.
  5. I love you because of the good morning texts.
  6. You love me even when I’m not able to love myself
  7. You forgive me when I’m wrong
  8. Because you are here for me even when I’m not here for you.
  9. I love you because you understand me.
  10. You make me want to try again.
  11. I love you because you uplift me.
  12. Because you make me wiser
  13. You figure things out better
  14. You respect my boundaries.
  15. Because you know the right moments to cross those boundaries.
  16. You accept me and all my garbage
  17. I love you because with you, I actually want to work on myself.
  18. You bring out the best version of me
  19. Because you see my soul.
  20. I love you because I can be vulnerable around you.
  21. You help me find a solution when I’m stuck.
  22. Because you make it a lot easier when life gets tough.
  23. You are trustworthy and reliable.
  24. You care about my happiness.
  25. Because you are my happiness.

Reasons Why I Love You for You

man and woman dancing at center of trees

Other reasons you can love someone isn’t just because of how they make you feel but all their qualities you admire. Loving someone you can look up to and admire is always a cheery on top. You should always remember to tell them that. Here are ways to tell someone you love them based on their qualities.

  1. I love you because you are truthful
  2. Because you are wise
  3. You have the best-looking hair I’ve ever seen.
  4. Your eyes possess the universe in them.
  5. I love your smile.
  6. I love the way you talk.
  7. The sound of your laughter makes everything worth it.
  8. I love you because you aren’t pretension
  9. Because you don’t play games.
  10. You’re always a sweet surprise
  11. You work hard to be a better version of yourself.
  12. Because you are strong and courageous.
  13. You’re a good listen.
  14. I love being in your arms
  15. I love when you hold me and talk to me in your sweet voice
  16. Your morning face.
  17. The coffee you make
  18. You take care of yourself.
  19. You never want to leave anyone behind.
  20. I love you because you make me come alive.
  21. You share your sadness with me.
  22. You share your happiness with me.
  23. Because you are gentle and loving.
  24. Because you exude comfort and warmth.
  25. You always inspire me.

More Physical Reasons

gold-colored ring on hands surrounded by green leaves

What are the other ways you can love someone more than who they are on the inside? You can love them for who they are on the outside too. It’s ok to let your partner know you love their bodies and so on. Here are a few ways to put it in words for women:

  1. You have the smoothest skin. I just want to run my hands all over it.
  2. I want to sink my fingers into your hair because it’s the prettiest thing I have ever seen.
  3. Your soft hands and how they feel on my body.
  4. I love the curves of your body and I want to kiss them everywhere.
  5. The way you feel in my mouth is exquisite
  6. Your skin is so soft I could sink into it.
  7. I love the moans you make and the smile that comes after it.
  8. You are so sexy and attractive.
  9. Because I could hold you in my arms all day.
  10. I love you because your body fits so well with mine.

For me:

  1. I love your big strong masculine hands.
  2. How they feel going down my skin
  3. The way you kiss me
  4. Your voice turns me on and makes me feel safe at the same time.
  5. You satisfy me both in the bedroom and outside the bedroom.
  6. You never fail to remind me how much we belong to each other when our bodies are intertwined.
  7. Your powerful shoulders are always there to lean on and hold on to.
  8. Your strong back makes me want to surrender myself to you.
  9. You have the most beautiful man’s butt.
  10. I love your hands on and in me.

Others could include:

  1. Your energy makes me warm in all places.
  2. I can get enough of your voice.
  3. I can’t get enough of your body.
  4. You are like a drug I never want to quit
  5. The music you make inspire me
  6. The books you write helps me see things in a different and better perspective.
  7. You make me laugh so hard I forget my worries.
  8. You know so much about everything and talking to you is never a bore.
  9. Because you calm me down.
  10. Because you are the power I seek and can’t do without.

What Are the Other Reasons You Could Love Your partner?

Unending reasons why you could love your partner could be due to a style they project or their general outlook on things. The person they are which is both a combination of their physical, emotional and mental attributes. Never forget to add that to reasons you love you. These include:

  1. You have a unique smile.
  2. I love the way you think.
  3. A reason why I love you is because of the way you explain things without make me feel stupid.
  4. Because you are smart.
  5. You are a fast learner and a great multitasker
  6. Because you are independent and know your self-worth.
  7. Because you respect me and most importantly yourself.
  8. You are nice to my family and you respect my friends.
  9. You gained my trust more than anyone I’ve ever known.
  10. Because you teach me both the big and the little things.
  11. I can be myself around you.
  12. You don’t judge people and give them a chance to be understood.
  13. Because you trust me too.
  14. You know what you want and don’t back down till you get it.
  15. You let me take care of you and you take great care of me.
  16. Your view on the world.
  17. Because of your love for animals and the earth.
  18. Because you’re the first thing I think about when I wake up and the last thing I think about before I go to bed.
  19. I love you because my favorite songs are the ones that remind me of you.
  20. I love you because you’re the light at the end of my tunnel.
  21. Because no matter how hard life gets, as long as you are by my side, everything is a lot bearable.
  22. My happy moments without you seem incomplete.
  23. You don’t shut me out.
  24. You mesmerized the shit out of me.
  25. Because in another life, I’d still want this.
  26. You are mine and I am yours.
  27. You don’t just make me happy, with you, it’s easier not to question it.
  28. I love the way you do that little dance when you eat.
  29. Because you have an angelic voice.
  30. You complete me.

Finding the right words to tell your partner never goes wrong. If you’ve been searching for reasons why you love him/her, then I hope this makes it easier to put in words. Tell your partner a reason why you love them today.

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100 Reasons Why I Love You

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