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Life is full of twists and turns. Within these twists and turns, there are so many life lessons to be learned. If you are about to hit adulthood or you are in your earlier 20s, that’s fantastic.

You have enough time to learn some important lessons in life before you hit 30. However, always keep it in mind that you are in your own timeline.

Don’t be bullied by anyone to hit certain strides before a particular age. However, sooner is always better.

So here are 11 Important Life lessons to be learned in life before you hit 30.

11 important life lessons to be learned

  It’s okay to not have it all figured out

You don’t have to know where you will be by the time you hit 20 or 30 years. Really, can anyone accurately predict the way their life turns out?

However, I do encourage that you have a desire, a purpose. Having a purpose allows you to adjust your plans over time to fit your aspirations.

This is not the time to panic. Don’t try to figure it all out. Give yourself time to learn and embrace new opportunities and interactions.

Surprisingly, what you turn out to be might never have crossed your mind in the first place!

    It’s okay to fail

The world in general today loves a winner. I love them too. I even wrote an article on how to be a winner. However, what many people neglect to tell you is that it’s okay to fail.

A winner fails a lot of times before they reach that point where everyone gives them a standing ovation. So don’t beat yourself up if you fail today. Instead, keep pushing on. After all, it’s only a failure who doesn’t give up that becomes a winner.

    It’s okay to struggle with finances

When it comes to life lessons to be learned, finances are always at the tips of our tongues. Don’t be in a hurry though.

The truth is you are going to struggle with finances. You have to accept that fact. Don’t go around comparing yourself with people you feel have it all figured out. They actually don’t have it all figured out. Your parents don’t have it all figured out.

So here a life lesson to be learned- Don’t let anyone put you under pressure.

   Have more experiences in life than luxurious things

It’s been proven over and over again that having more experiences in life is better than getting expensive things. It’s important to learn this life lesson now while you still have your life all ahead of you.

So instead of getting another expensive car, go on a trip to Paris with your closest friends. Instead of getting a luxurious yacht, go hiking with your family. Watch the sunset with your partner.

At the end of your life, these are the things you will remember. Your luxurious items will be long forgotten.

    Have your own opinions

The world likes people who follow the crowd. They are easy to control anyways. These people are quick to tell you things like that’s impossible, you simply can’t achieve that, or why even try?

If you end up listening to those people, you are probably not going to do anything in your life. So take the time out to actually develop yourself. Develop your core values. Know what you think about important discussions and stick to those beliefs.

This does not mean you should not accept reasonable suggestions and improve your own thought process. It simply means you should start thinking for yourself.

    Your Health is Crucial

You know all the plans you have about being rich and so popular? Well, it’s not going to happen if you are dead, dead, dead. So it’s time you make a big change and that starts with your health.

You have to start eating healthy meals. Let go of the junk while you still have teeth. It’s easy to say you’ll start someday. Start now! That’s one of the biggest lessons to be learned.

Start a workout routine. Push your body. You are going to need it to be at its best for most of your life. While some ailments can’t be avoided, do your own part. Take care of your body.

   Work Hard

Here’s another big lesson you should learn. You need to work hard. I’m not talking about bursts of energy. I’m talking about steady consistent hard work.

Some people think you can get everything you want without actually putting in the work. It’s impossible. Even people who are regarded as corrupt or fraudsters put in the work to defraud people.

So work hard. Don’t give it 80% when you can give it 120%.

The sooner you learn this, the better your life will be in the future. The more you drag your feet and pretend that it’s not the truth, the more issues and regrets you are bound to have in the future. It’s your call.

   Prepare yourself for surprises from people

You probably have a bunch of people that you think got your back always. This is going to be hard to hear. You have to prepare yourself for the coming betrayal by at least one of those people.

It’s going to happen. It’s inevitable. The only difference is the severity of the betrayal and how you chose to handle it.

Your life is like a book. Each chapter has cliff hangers and a lot of interesting things to share. It also has shocks and potential dangers. Don’t let it paralyze you when it comes.

     Beat off procrastination now

The problem of procrastination is so deep that it can ruin your life. Every day that you lose can end up being the biggest opportunity of your life gone.

Do you know the only consolation? Life always gives second, third, and fourth chances. So let go of procrastination now when you have the chance. Procrastination is one life lesson that a lot of people know but just won’t implement.

You just have to try.

Develop patience

Here’s yet another important life lesson you should learn- Patience. Being in a hurry can end your life or hurt your big chances.

You have to learn to be patient. I’m not talking about being patient when you are in a queue. You have to be patient in everything.

You have to be patient when you are just starting off a new business. Be patient when dealing with your business partners. Patience is also required in your relationship with loved ones.

Having patience allows you to consider an issue from all angles before making a decision.

Count Your Blessings

Sometimes, life might be hard on you. You will feel angry and sad. You might even get depressed. This is the time to be thankful.

You have to learn to count your blessings. There is so much you can be thankful for. So make sure you always remember that.

This life lesson will keep you happy even in the face of adversity.

There are so many things you are going to learn during your life. So many life lessons to be learned. These 11 lessons will get you started on your incredible journey.

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11 Important Life Lessons to be learned before you hit 30

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