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  1. Nice article. I just feel that if you love a person, it is totally fine to tell the person you love him/her. I wouldn’t want to be in a relationship where my partner is waiting for few weeks more to tell me he loves me. Both of you must have been in love before the relationship started so why should it be a turn off? I’m just saying though

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Turnoffs can be subjective and what could turn you off as a guy might not be what turns another guy off. However, there are lots of common turn-offs for men that women constantly display. This could be to get their attention or to send them away. Whichever it is, below is a list of turn-offs for men that you should know.

1. Playing Dumb for attention – a big turn off for men

For some reason, some girls think acting dumb for a man makes them more attractive. It doesn’t. Any man attracted to you because you’re dumb is probably trying to take advantage of you. Or they are just dumb too.

2. Playing hard to get.

Now it’s ok to play hard to get because you need a little effort. A constant reminder that maybe they want you. However, playing hard to get for too long, yet leading him on is a huge turn-off. Voice it out if you aren’t interested.

3. Spending too much time on the phone than actually talking

This is pretty self-explanatory. It’s also pretty justifiable on how this can be a turn off for anybody. Unfortunately, a lot of us do it. Stop spending all the quality time you should spend with your man or others on the phone. It’s a huge turn-off.

4. Complaining about your exes over and over again – another huge turn off for men.

This can be a huge red flag as well. You always have something terrible to say about all the men you’ve dated. That’s not good. If you’ve only been in dysfunctional relationships, maybe you’re part of the problem. No matter how much hurt you feel from your past relationship, it’s time to take out the trash. Not carrying it around and shoving it down another man. You might not realize this till it’s pointed out. Or maybe till he stops calling you anymore.

5. Never Expressing Appreciation

Men have feelings too. They feel a lot happier when you make them feel like they matter. Just because he’s your man doesn’t mean you should stop thanking him when he does nice things for you. Those little words of appreciation go a long way. You can express your gratitude, even give him a peck on the cheek. You even through in a thank you sex . Make his favorite meal. He’ll always love doing nice things for you.

6. Taking pictures of everything. Everything!

Surveys have proven that women prefer taking selfies more than men. It’s ok to take selfies with your man from time to time. But forcing him to take selfies every single time, even when he’s not in the mood for it, that’s a huge turnoff. You don’t have to take selfies every time. Live in the moment.

7. Talking about the future too soon

Maybe not a turnoff but this can definitely scare a man away. You barely know him but you’ve planned out your kids and where you’ll settle. What you’ll wear on your wedding day and what he’ll wear too. Slow down. You’re just getting to know each other. Don’t come off as desperate. It never ends well.

8. Talking about yourself all the time

Every time you open your mouth, you’re about to talk about yourself. Of course, men hate talking a lot but they also want to talk from time to time. Don’t just be a talker, but a listener as well. Make him feel safe talking to you.

9. Trying to control him

If you’re getting into a relationship for the sole purpose of having a man at the tip of your fingers, stop right there. Stop trying to control what a man does, who he sees, and what he feels. You can not control a man into staying with you if he doesn’t.

10. Flirting and trying to make him jealous – an unnecessary action which is a turn off for men.

Trying to make your man jealous by flirting with other men would make him look bad. But worse, it’ll make you look bad too. It’s completely unnecessary to do this. Don’t try playing games just to get more attention from your man. There are other ways to do that. Don’t intentionally text him late, especially when he texts back early. Do not leave him on voice mail to make yourself feel better. Just don’t play silly games.

11. Picking fights to get your way – another turn off for men.

Maybe this had worked in the past when the relationship was new. But over time it gets annoying. It’s also an immature thing to do. You find ways to start a fight so he can apologize, take the blame, and do whatever you want. If you’re upset about something, sit down and talk about it like adults.

12. Saying” I Love You” way too soon – a turn off for men.

Your relationship is barely a week old but you love them and can’t live without them? No, that’s not right. Even if you think you love them, keep it to yourself for a while. Read the room to be sure of the right time to say it. When you do and it’s still too much for him, take it as a sign he might not love you back.


There are a lot more turn offs for both men and women. Which is yours? Let us know in the comments.

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12 Biggest Turn Off for Men You Should Know

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