15 reasons why marrying an Oyinbo person is super cool

Marrying an oyinbo is supercool

Marrying an oyinbo person or foreigner in Nigeria is a big deal. I mean people are going to talk and talk. Some families even forbid outright. Others think that marrying an oyinbo person is tough and really unpredictable.

Well, those reasons might be quite valid. However, we also think that marrying an oyinbo person or a foreigner is also pretty cool.

I’ll prove it. Here are 15 reasons why you should marry an oyinbo person

15 Reasons why you should marry an Oyinbo Person

1.     No Bride Price

Really, if you are a guy, this is like hitting the jackpot. No bride price. No introductions. It’s simply a dream come true. You can save all your cash for the wedding and the honeymoon.

So, if you have been wondering how to dodge the bride price for an Igbo girl, this is the way forward.

2.     Pure Accent

Oh, don’t we just love their accent? Imagine getting married to someone with a British accent. Now, imagine your children all having that same accent.

Ladies, are your ovaries still intact? You can’t deny it’s a bloody good plan.

3.     Marrying an oyinbo brings less wahala

Whether you are a Nigerian man or a Nigerian woman, you can’t deny that it’s stressful dating someone from Nigeria.

It’s so stressful that I had to write an article on signs that show you if a Nigerian man loves you. Nigerian men expect so much. Nigerian women’s eye has tear. So much drama.

Well, marrying an oyinbo person will save you from the stress. Just take it as your ticket to freedom.

4.     Pure Unadulterated Love

Now, everything is just one kind in this country o. People view expressions of love as something meant for just the bedroom.

When you marry an oyinbo, things are different. They love to express their love in beautiful ways. So if you are someone who enjoys a public display of affection, this can be the start of something great.

5.     New Culture

Marry an oyinbo person
The culture mix is incredible!

You’ll get to experience a brand new culture. New types of dressing, new delicacies, and oh, a new perspective of life. You might also get to learn a new language if you are fortunate enough.

It’s set to be a roller coaster.

6.     New Friends

Once you get married to a foreigner, you get to make new friends. Most times, their close friends will immediately become acquaintances.

Making new friends will so much easier. If you are on Facebook, you might probably get up to 500 friend requests in just one day!

7.     Adventure

It’s all about the adventure!

Oyinbo people love adventure. If you are someone who is also like this, prepare to have some fun. You will go to places you always wanted to go to.

They will do all this without making it look like a big deal.

8.     The Perfect Wedding

Marrying an Oyinbo person in Nigeria

If you want your wedding to be just perfect, then this might be the safest bet. So many colors, so many dance moves. You are sure to go home with a smile.

Marrying an oyinbo might even make your dream about destination marriages to come through. Talking about that, here’s an article that talks about wedding destinations for Nigerians

Who knows? Maybe Bellanaija might even show up!

Let’s go at another angle.

9.     Different currencies on play

$$$, ### and so many currencies. Yes, the chances of this happening are through the roofs. Your wedding will truly be a mega occasion.

Just some of the perks of marrying a foreigner in Nigeria

10.Mixed Race Children

Yes, fine children. Kai, we cannot just get enough of them! You might become one of the few people to have such pretty children.

So if you have an oyinbo friend that wants to marry you, what are you waiting for?

11.Leaving Nigeria

You and your partner have the final say at to where you end up. However, if you always wanted to leave Nigeria, this might be God answering your prayers.

12.Dual Citizenship

Always wanted to be a citizen of another country? Well, marrying an oyinbo person will get you that and even more.

Also, your oyinbo person if you are the male automatically becomes a citizen of Nigeria too. Love with a foreigner is a beautiful thing.

Hilarious Answers!

13.Extended Family Wahala

The extended family wahala is reduced. No one will come from the village to come and disturb your marriage.

The peace that you cannot get in Nigerian marriages will be yours. That is something you don’t see every day.

14.Just Good vibes

At the end of the day, it’s all about your peace of mind. if you find it with a foreigner, then you should absolutely pursue it.

Everything afterward is simply good vibes at the end.

15.You’ll get modern love

It’s no secret that Nigerians are very traditional even in the midst of the modern era. Marrying an oyinbo allows you to escape all that.

You’ll get the modern love that you deserve.

Final Thoughts on marrying an oyinbo

Marrying an oyinbo can be great for you. However, always put love and your mental peace first when making such a decision


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