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Finding the words to say to your guy pals is never any challenge but finding things to talk about with a girl can leave you a bit tongue-tied. With the guys, you can always talk about sports, movies, artists, music, each other. It’s an unending cycle. A fun one too because you know them a lot better.

However, when it comes to talking with a girl, that’s where the real challenge lies. It doesn’t matter if it’s a first date or the first time talking over the phone or even just texting. Sometimes talking to somebody—especially someone you’re trying to impress— just makes your brain freeze. Everything you thought you could say suddenly goes out the window.

There are many reasons why this could be a reality for you. It could be anxiety, nervousness, lack of confidence, the overwhelming need to be the best, etc. all these can eventually lead you to freeze and leave your tongue-tied.

Before learning topics, you should engage a girl with, you need to first know how to start a conversation with her. So let’s get right into it.

How To Start A Conversation With A Girl

man and woman sitting on bench

If you are finding starting a conversation with a girl a hard bit, you might want to read further. Here are the golden tips to help you. One important thing you should know when starting a conversation with anyone is finding out their interests and knowing if they would be interested in you or not. This saves you a lot of time and energy so you should never forget that.

Let’s say you like a girl you see around and you want to start a conversation with her. However, the problem is you don’t know how to do that. Well, the very first thing you should do is study her. What she’s holding, eating, staring at, listening to Etc. This makes the conversation flow a lot more easily. Here’s what to do.

  • Notice Something About Her: as mentioned earlier, it could be something she’s wearing, listening to, reading, etc. all you have to do is comment on it. Let’s say she’s reading a book you know of, you can ask her if she likes the author and that you do too. Proceed to tell her books you’ve read about such said author. Tell her those she should check out.

In a situation where she likes the author, she wouldn’t find it difficult to talk about it with you. In a case however where she doesn’t, you can go further to telling her others that might suit her interest. This applies to the music she’s listening to, a drink she’s holding may be at a party or the bar. Heck, you can also comment on her bag, shoes, etc, and ask her where she got them. Continue to say they look good on her. If there’s one thing women love is a man who pays attention.

  • Talk About Your Surrounding: where are you? What’s going on around you? All these can be great conversation starters. If you’re at the bar you can draw her attention to something you think is hilarious. If you’re at a party, carnival, concert, then it shouldn’t be hard at all, you can comment on a person doing something you find cool or confusing. You can comment on a drink, a band playing, a person performing, etc. chances are that if she’s feeling you too, she’ll get right into it. That’s where the element of body language comes in.

Again, you can notice how paying attention to details comes in. You might be wondering, should you tell a joke? Well if you can cover up the embarrassment after then by all means do. If you’re not so good at it, don’t either. Here’s another trick, if you’re very good at it, tell but not so much. Women love men that make them laugh but you don’t want to be the comedian on the first day now do you? You have to be careful of the decisions you make but in your head. Don’t prevent it from letting you have fun do because women can detect a stiff and strategized play from a mile away.

  • Compliment Her: One of the reasons I didn’t put compliment her at first is the lingering suspense. She wants you to and you want to as well. But you gotta give it time. Let’s say you tell a joke and she laughs, that’s the perfect opportunity to compliment her laugh/smile. It never goes wrong. Now let’s say she doesn’t laugh; you can compliment her eyes on how they at least twinkled and you find them very beautiful.

Complimenting a lady is a very direct technique and you don’t want to screw it up. Don’t compliment the obvious things, compliment things she wouldn’t have thought of and do so gently and nicely. You can compliment her voice, her eyes, smile. Chances are since she walked into that room, she has received a lot of compliments so what makes you stand out? Think about that carefully.

With all this in place, then you can go forward with topics to talk to with a girl. Now you should be aware you don’t try starting a conversation when you don’t know how to carry it. Regardless of the gender. You want it done in the smoothest way possible. The topics I will list below would help you in finding what you like talking about most and just flow with it.

22 Topics to Talk to A Girl To Spark Her Interest

Here are interesting topics to things to talk about with a girl

two women sitting near window


When talking about music, you have to be careful you don’t say you hate a musician or a song she hates. All you have to do is start and leave the floor open to her so she can take it from there. It is not a time to start telling her the songs you think are the complete worst. You can share playlists and maybe in the future make one for her too.


Food is another great conversation to have with a girl. Ask her her favorite. If you are in a restaurant then you should know this is a brainer. Ask her about the food she’s eating and let her know if you like yours too. Sometimes all men do is ask but never answer.


A great conversation starter if you are in a bar or a restaurant and looking for things to talk about with a girl. Ask her if she likes her drink. What her favorite drink is. What yours is. Offer to taste what she suggests and let it flow naturally. Women love it when you’re interested in what they are about and truly mean it. Just be polite.


It doesn’t matter if you’re texting her, at a cinema, or a coffee shop. The idea is movies are universal. Ask her what her favorite movie is and how much she watches television. Tell her what yours is and suggest some she should watch. A good choice for things to talk about with a girl

Let her tell you about her favorite movie and why it is her favorite. Find other things in the conservative to inquire about. Remember not to sound interrogating. Tell her about new movies and if she’ll like to see them with you sometime.

Talk About Her

When talking to a girl/woman anyone, you have to remember to let them talk about themselves. If she likes you, she will and show interest in the conversation. Don’t go all “tell me about yourself” because most people forget things about themselves when asked. Just flow with whatever she says.

Talk About You

Proceed to talk about yourself. What you’re about. Keep it as simple and short as possible. No one wants to start a conversation with a yappy yap man on the first day. Let it flow naturally. It’s a conversation and not a tell-all.

Ask Her How Her Day Is Going

The next great conversation topic is asking her how her day is going so far. A perfect go-to topic for things to Talk About with A Girl. Let her do the talking and remember to do the listening. What made her happy today and what made her sad. Find out the details and make her enjoy talking to you.

Talk About Your Day

You can also tell her about your day when she asks. Don’t be shy. You don’t want to leave her talking about herself and neither do you want to seem like you’re talking about yourself a lot. This is a no-no.


Work discussions are as lengthy as they can be. Ask her what she does or would like to do. Tell her about yours too. You can talk bosses, coworkers etc. Perfect way to get to know each other.

A lot of people avoid topics like this because they don’t know if they measure up enough. So read her body language. Also try not to sound as arrogant and braggy as possible. If you notice she’s crawling back into her shell, might be a good time to change the topic. Remember not to downplay yourself too. Women love a confident man.


woman in black long sleeve shirt holding black ceramic mug

Pete and animals is also a great conservation topic. You can ask her if she’s ever had a pet. If she has any pets at the moment. Let her know about yours as well. A great way to find out if she’s an animal lover and telling her if you are or not.

If there’s one thing is, chances her she had a pet growing up, has one now or would want one except she’s allergic which is another great conversation starting.

If she likes pets and you have one, you can show her pictures of yours and tell her things about them. You can never go wrong with this step.


You can proceed to asking her things she loves doing in her free time. It could be painting, swimming, writing etc. it helps you get to know her better as a person. This conversation needs a little more passion so don’t be shy to ask further why that’s her go to.

Remember to tell her yours too. It makes you seem more present in the conversation that any other way.


You can also ask her her favorite sports and if she ever played any. Then ask her which she would have loved to be part of. Do you okay sports yourself? Then proceed to telling her this.

You can also talk about watching sports in a situation you both watch but don’t participate. Find things you share in common.


Travel is another great conservation topic. Ask her where has been and where she wants to go. Find out things you relate to in these places. Also tell her where you’ve been. Ask her why she likes a particular place and is she’ll want to see it again.

You can also tell her if you’ve been there before and things you love about the place. Travel is a great topic because it brings about language, culture and traditions. If she knows any, you should be sure she’s going to tell you all about it.


man and woman sitting on side of wooden bridge

Again you have to thread this topic with care when looking for things to talk about with a girl. You don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings, including yours. So make sure you ask her gently. Ask her the high school she went to or college. Chances are you know it or if the odds are heavily in your favor then you both probably attending the same university. This is another great conversation right here.

Plans For The Future

Ask her what her plans are for the future but ensure you don’t seem like your interviewing or interrogating her. If she’s comfortable with the questions then you should be certain she’ll answer the best way.

Be certain to tell her about yours too so she knows what you’re about. Remember as you’re trying to get to know her, she’s doing the same too.


Politics is a great topic but not everyone is usually interested in it. Bringing it up is a good way to find out. You should also know politics can be a conflicting topic as you both might have different views. You’re getting to know her right? Well why not know all of her.

Pet Peeves

Pet peeves never go wrong. What makes her uncomfortable? What makes you uncomfortable? Do you share any of this in common? Why is this a thing? It goes on and on.


Family is quite an amazing topic to have with anyone because it can be unending. So yeah family is a great topic to talk about with a girl. You have your family, she has hers and that means you both share something right? Plus there might be similarities. You can talk about your family history. Lots of things to learn from each other don’t you think?

Goals & Aspirations

Talking about your goals and aspirations is also great conversation to have with a girl. Now you might not have done it but you look forward to doing it. Remember to ask her about her own experience and her goals.

Remember not to make it sound like an interview. This isn’t thinking like a man, don’t ask the “where do you see yourself in five years?” “What are your short-term goals?” “What are your long-term goals?”. Take all of that out.

Talk About Dating/Relationships

Talk about relationships and dating. Know if she’s interested or not. This helps you make better decisions. If you’re talking to her as a friend then whatever answer she gives you can work with.

Pay Attention to Body Language

If there’s one thing you should know when doing all of this is paying proper attention to her body language. You don’t want to ruin everything by moving too slow or too fast. Yes, you can move too slow so be very cautious. Don’t try to force a vibe. If it’s not there then it’s not there.

Ask Her on A Date

Now this can be tricky but is very necessary. You’re probably talking to this girl because you like her and would want to go on a date with her so make your intentions clear. By now you must’ve known if she’s single and ready to mingle. You can ask her out on a date and watch what she says.

Following these steps helps your conversation flow a lot better and you won’t regret these topics. Every other thing you get from this conversation can lead to another conversation. And when she’s eventually your girl, don’t forget to keep waiting cute words to her.

Conversations don’t always have to be rocket science. They can be at first but these 22 things to talk about with a girl goes a great length in helping you through the hard phases. Very soon the cringe worthy parts would all be a thing of the past.

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22 Interesting Things to Talk About with A Girl

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