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What is the worst that can happen? We hear those words almost every year. Perhaps in movies and even in reality. Whatever you consider the worst thing in each situation, it can actually happen. The question is how prepared are you to deal with it? This is where survival skills come into play.

These are very unstable times for some countries. This is especially true of my country Nigeria. So here’s what I think everyone will need to survive if you ever have to face a crisis.

Absolutely Crucial Survival Skills Everyone Needs To Learn

Getting clean water

pouring water on person's hands

While we love the taste of food (I absolutely adore velvet cake), water takes a higher priority. The truth is humans can survive for long periods without eating. That’s the purpose of our fat storage mechanisms. However, without clean water, you might be dead within a day or two. So, learn how to purify water.

While this might seem like an easy process, it can get really stressful. If you can boil water, then it becomes seamless. In a situation where you need some wilderness survival skills, then you will have to improvise.

Damp soil can often be a good source of water. If it comes to this, make a hole into the soil. The chances of finding some water are very high in such a situation. No matter where you are, always remember that water takes first priority.

Learn how to start a fire

If you find yourself trapped in some forest or in the middle of nowhere, a fire can be very important. It can be used to cook or get warm.

Most times, we might have something to start a fire like matches or coal. In the event these things are missing, then you might have to start a fire from scratch. Here are some important pointers to remember.

  • If you are using leaves, you’d want to keep them as dry as possible. This makes fallen leaves and twigs the most popular option here.
  • It’s often good to start slowly and build up with time. Starting with just a few twigs and sticks will allow you to build a solid base.

Learn how to build a shelter

You also need to learn how to build a shelter. The weather can be unpredictable, and there’s nothing more frustrating than being stuck outside on a rainy day. Here’s an article that talks about how to build all types of shelters during a crisis or war.

Having great survival skills will count for nothing if you don’t have where to lie down at the end.

Learn how to hunt or gather foods

two men's inside forest

Finally, you should learn how to hunt. It really does give you the advantage. With a good fire burning, you can actually feed for days if you successfully catch a small animal.

It’s also important to have an idea of how to cut up an animal. This can help you take advantage of any situation you find yourself in.

Other things are also very important. This includes having some basic first aid necessities as well as some medicine on you. If you don’t have first aid, you might also need to learn how to tie a wound.

Bottom Line

While we definitely hope for the best, we have to be realistic and admit things can quickly go south. It’s important to be ready at all times. Having the right survival skills is the best thing you can do.

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4 Survival Skills Needed When Facing a Crisis

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