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What are the most common behaviors that push people away from you? You may not know this but you are steadily making it difficult for people to deal with you. As much as we want people to love us for who they are, no one enjoys the stress. people want better and move on. The ways you could behave that could make being with you seem like a chore lead to that.

You might be putting up acts that to you, does not seem too much of a big deal. But in reality, you are constantly pushing people away. The way you act and behave attracts people. Working on yourself makes it easier to attract positive people. And keep the people who genuinely care for us in our lives.

Here are some toxic behaviors that push people away from you.

You Always Treat Yourself Like A Victim – behaviors that push people away from you

You can’t stand not being a victim. Truth is that you might be aware of this or not but that’s terrible behavior. Frequently complaining about various things to make yourself and others believe you’re a victim. Every time some talks to you or reaches out to you, you always have something negative to say. In conclusion, you never fail to have a way to fuel your victimization.

As insensitive as this might sound, people have been through worse. A lot of people carry on a trauma they experienced a long time ago. But instead of blaming the world at any given second, they took matters into their own hands and turned their lives around. You too can do the same.

You may think your friends aren’t there for you always but that’s because you whine a lot. But in reality, you see yourself as a hopeless victim and you don’t try to turn it around. When you stop doing all these things. It’s easier for people to help you. It’s easier to help yourself.

You Take Things Too Personally

People find it difficult to be around you because for some reason everything has to be about you. Anything you do or say is directed to them. You could make an innocent statement. Put up innocent words. Yet someone somewhere things you’re directly affecting them.

Here’s the thing. Things people do sometimes is a direct reflection of who they are. Except you’re a terrible person. Then it’s probably because of who you are. If that’s not the case then why do you worry so much? People think the worst of people. Although that isn’t always applicable, we live in a world everyone is somehow scared of find good things in themselves or anyone else.

That’s where self reflection comes in. If a lot of people tell you something about yourself then it’s probably true. But the point is, taking things too personally prevents you from living. It also prevents you from letting other people around you live their lives. Therefore, one of the behaviors that push people away from you.

Lack of Affection or Empathy – behaviors that push people away from you

“Why should I care?” “Oh, it’s his fault and he should suffer it”. All the lack of emotions and empathy you show to others makes it difficult to be around you. You might be thinking you’re just strong or “blunt” when in reality, you’re just being a terrible person.

This is one of the behaviors that push people away from you. It’s damaging but yet very common. In today’s world, it’s everywhere on social media. People playing out their cruelty and voicing destructive words as much as their minds can gather. But I just want to let you know that tearing others down is not just a cruel act, it’s also cowardly as well.

If you can’t be nice or truthful, keep your hurtful words and opinions to yourself. The world is better off without them. Before giving your opinion about something, do so because of the situation it’s centered in. Not because you hate the particular person or you hate their guts. Going online to rip people apart might be fueling your sense of belonging. But it’s ruining the only good relationships you have left.

Constant Need for Validation

You always need other people’s validation to feel good about yourself. About what you’ve done or what you’re about to do. Give it a rest because if you always do this, you’d never get satisfied. You might ruin a good thing just because it doesn’t sit right with someone else.

It also makes it very exhausting to be around you. That’s why people eventually push you away. So if you do not want this, stop in your tracks. Stop trying to impress people with material things. You’ll never get enough. Do things because you feel it’s what’s right. Go for that job because you want it not because someone thinks it’s the best for you. Buy a house because you like it and not because you want people to think it’s better than theirs.

See the bigger picture of life. Because constantly doing this is feeding a demon that’s insatiable. Life is a journey. Although no man is an island, at the end of the day, it’s your story. Make peace with yourself. Be happy for yourself and true to your feelings. The right people would stick around. This could be one of the behaviors that push people away from you.

You Lie and Gossip A Lot – Behaviors That Push People Away from You

People can’t leave the room for more than 2 seconds and you have something to say about them. Most of them being total lies. Positive people stay away from things like this, hence one of the behaviors that push people away from you.

You don’t have to engage in conversations that involve putting other people down to make yourself feel better. It makes you pitiful to any reasonable person. Life is a lot more than that. There are a lot more things to talk about. Expand your horizon and find them.

Stop being an impulsive liar. It’s one of the most terrible behaviors to have as a person. It makes it hard for people to trust you or want to be around you. When you make certain changes like this, you’ll notice the huge difference.


These are the top 5 behaviors that push people away from you. Every other thing could be found in between. Sometimes people stay away from you not because they hate you. It’s more about you making it difficult to love you. Remember, others can’t fulfill you completely.

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5 Terrible Behaviors That Push People Away from You

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