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In Nigeria, social media is one of the fastest ways to meet new people. For many, social media or texts are also a great way of communicating and even finding love. So if you are a Nigerian man looking to attract a fine ass lady, you have to get your texting game right. So, how do you avoid the usual texting mistakes Nigerian men make?

Well, the key is knowing what not to text and how to actually text a lady. Here are tips from 9javillage to help you chat better.

Texting Mistakes Nigerian men make that you should avoid

1.     Please no abbreviations

Texting mistakes Nigerian men make
Avoid abbreviations

Now, this is the number one killer. Please don’t use abbreviations. If you must, use very acceptable ones like “lol”. Please avoid “ur”, “am”, “u”. That’s just really bad.

Nigerian babes have improved their class over the years. You have to keep up. You are no longer in secondary school. So keep the conversation clean and neat with some good English. I’m not saying you should go and be blowing grammar o.

2.     Avoid Pet names so early

Don’t start your first conversation with a girl you just met with “baby”. That’s just really creepy. You might say you don’t see anything wrong with it. However, she’s still going to find it really creepy. A simple “hey” would do.

Starting with a pet name in the very first conversation will be extremely bad for you. It gives the wrong impression immediately.

3.     The “I love you” card

No I love you please!

Now, you might be interested in this girl already. Heck, that’s why you probably texted her in the first place. However, for the love of God, don’t tell her you love her in the first week or even the first three months.

It’s just going to end really badly. Most girls will block you on the spot. Others won’t but will mark you as someone really immature.

I’ll advise you to start by actually being friends first. It’s even better in the long run. Also, you get to know the person better and see how compatible you are.

4.     No Nudes or Sexting Abeg

Please don’t start sending nudes or attempt to start sexting with her. This is one of the worst texting mistakes Nigerian men make.

First, it’s sexual harassment. Second, it’s just plain rude and immature. The goal is to make yourself look presentable and really cool. Don’t go and disgrace us abeg.

5.     Please Listen to her

When you are texting her, please actually listen. It’s not all about you sometimes. It’s a discussion between both of you.

Try not to show off. Stop bragging and actually have a real conversation. While you might argue that some ladies like a rich guy, the best ones actually care more about someone who treats them right.

So don’t text her an epistle about your latest cars or who you work with. That really reflects badly on your personality.


Texting her every moment

Please don’t bombard her with messages

Texting her every moment is bad. There’s just no other way to put it. It’s okay if you guys are having a long conversation. But texting her continuously when she is not even replying will just be crazy.

How are you?”

“Hope you are fine”

“Are you there?”

“Why are you not responding?”

“You are very proud”

“Because I am even texting you”

Texting Mistakes Nigerian Men make
Please wait small abeg

That’s just plain wrong and creepy. Please don’t disgrace us.

Final Thoughts on Texting Mistakes Nigerian men make

So there you have it! Texting mistakes Nigerian men make can be avoided. You just need to be calm and act like a civilized person. That’s not too hard now, is it?

Do you know any other texting mistakes Nigerian make?

Let us know in the comment sections. Don’t forget to share it with your friends!

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5 Texting Mistakes Nigerian Men make when texting a Lady

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