5 things Every University Student in Nigeria will understand

Nigerian University will stress you

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The sweet, funny, terrible, enjoyable university life. Being a university student in Nigeria has its ups and downs. However, few can doubt that you come out refined in every sense of the word.

Nigerian universities will drill you, excite you, and possibly break you in one way or the other. To remind us of how funny university life is, here are 5 things every student in Nigeria will immediately understand

The Registration Rush Na Die

If you are in a Nigerian university and you don’t know what I am talking about, then you are not in Nigeria. The registration process will stress you. That was my dreadful moment when resuming every year.

Then there were the students who were already there on the line before you. Like, even if you got there by 6 am in the morning, they would already be there. Only God knows how they do it because honestly, I have no idea

Professor Njoku is taking attendance

Lecturers make university students in Nigeria pass through hell

The rush to keep up with the attendance. Who doesn’t know that story? Hard guy hard guy. Once you hear that the lecturer is in class, everything goes out of the window. The rush is crazy.

It becomes even more intense when the teacher says “bring out a sheet of paper. We are having a test”. Then the chaos begins!

Examination day

university students in Nigeria also have carryover issues

Examination day is usually a very unique day. If you have never seen a girl without makeup, this is the right time to spot your future wife. You see the good, bad, and ugly on this day.

Inside the examination hall is a different story. Some people automatically have neck problems, hand problems leg problems. Then, there are those who hide their “choks” inside their pants. Ọlọrun kini eyi!

You also have those who sit in front and feel so full of themselves. It’s a world of characters out there.

The Broke Old Days

University students in Nigeria are always broke

As if the stress is not enough, Nigerian universities will give you a welcome to life. You will be brokeeee. Just accept it. No amount of planning, cooking or anything can save you from this eventuality.

Fortunately, some things are always there for us. Soaking garri has always been king. Nothing spoil. Being broke in university is a normal way of life.

Fresher’s rush

The fresher’s rush! Who doesn’t know it? In many schools, it’s known by different names. In my university, it was called the October rush. See guys lined up everywhere in girl’s hostel. You’d think there was a concert going on!

Without the annual fresher’s rush, are we even in a university?

A University Student in Nigeria loves the Good Life

Despite the problems and poor facilities in Nigerian universities, we love every bit of the time spent there. Personally, I wouldn’t trade it for anything else.

How was your time at the university? Please leave a comment!

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