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  1. I do everything trust..but the problem is she’s got this temper that clouds her reasoning.. like I can tell her she’s doing something I don’t like n she gets angry right away.. sometimes m even scared of telling her she did this or that cus I know d outcome.. problem is I also get angry n things just get worse.. honestly I think I have given her too much time and attention n trust me m tempted to look elsewhere cus I feel what m giving is been taken for granted n the only thing holding back is bcuz I really love her🤷 but m seriously at my breaking point.

    • Well it seems someone has to be the more level headed one. Or both of you. Have you tried calling her to talk about it calmly?.

  2. Well like calling her is out of the question,cause most times she doesn’t pick her calls,n m not the one to make u do what u don’t wanna do so preferably it’s texting n well I have tried alot but it always first seem to end on her bad side at first until I gotta break it down more bfre she finally understand what m tryna say n by den I m olready tired of arguing n will just let it slide..

    So today I was like why are you replying my messages late given the fact that u r online n u know wen we are both online,we keep every other DMs aside without any interference n so we can give one another our full attention.. normally I wouldn’t have complained cus sometimes it’s just network,but nowadays sometimes I have to wait for like 10mins bfre I get a reply n I was like u do know I don’t do like that to u or chat with anyone else,n even if I took long to reply,I will tell u d reason y n it’s never gonna be bcuz I was replying someone else cus m with u n m giving u my full attention.. n well as expected she got angry n went off and I tried calling her 7 times n she didn’t answer d phone,,so I went back to her DM n I was like r u suddenly mad just cus I said she was replying late n I apologised bcuz I olways apologize n she ignored me n switched off her phone..

    Honestly m fuckin tired right now, only I don’t wanna be that boyfriend that just reacts n dump u cus I know other girls are available 💁 but m at my wit’s end.

    • Ok here’s the thing, you have to make her understand you’re fed up. Maybe you’re not expressing it properly. From the look of things the problem started a while ago but you might have ignored it. You also should have the break up talk. Not break up per se but let her tell you if she’s tired and wants out. Let her do the talking so you can listen. If you can’t find a solid ground then I think you already know what to do 🤷🏼‍♀️.

  3. It’s something we agreed on already 💁
    like if you r fed up or found someone else we will both let each other know like its something that happens so it shouldn’t come as a surprise if a scenario like that ever occur only that we got to be honest with each other..

    So yea,she knows she’s free to leave whenever she wants, n her moods n attitude r something I can completely understand with bcuz women r very complicated and all u need is patience n stuff 💁..I just didn’t expect it to be at this extent like her own is on another level,once or twice I got to tell her to stop talking to me like her younger brother n I got tell her to stop threatening me with leaving the relationship if I keep making her angry 🤣🤦

  4. Well it kinda all started when we came back home from school due to the virus..

    Everything was perfectly fine..we spend most of our time together in school,but if m to say,it all really started when her roommate started saying she was too serious with our relationship..

    • Ok I’m going to give you my advice and you can take or leave it. What I think you should do is relax. Don’t text her anymore or call her. At least for a while. Just focus on yourself. And if she never reached out to you anymore, then you just move on. Give her time and just focus on your own mental health. You’ve done what you can do from your side of the story. So just relax. Ok?

  5. Bro, my advice, ignore her, don’t complain about everything.
    Just be quiet, don’t call, don’t text, if she sends a message, don’t reply immediately. You’ve over pampered her. If she wants you she’ll do the chasing, if Not, let the whole thing die naturally. Don’t force it!

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How do you make a girl miss you like crazy? Also, how do you make her jealous at the same time?. Believe it or not they kind of go hand in hand. You’re giving this girl a lot of attention but she’s not noticing it. It’s killing you on the inside and you want her to want you too. You want her to appreciate your company. Well, all of that is easily achievable. Here are a few ways you can make a girl miss you like crazy.

1. Give her lots of attention – this can make a girl miss you like crazy when you’re not around

Women love attention. They really do. Even when they claim they don’t. It’s usually false so go ahead and shower her with attention. Don’t be a creep about it. Just make her feel wanted. This is the very first step before you execute your plans of getting her to missing you or getting her jealous.

No one misses what doesn’t make them feel good. So listen to her when she talks, point out cute and amazing things about her, etc. just give her the attention.

2. Make her laugh – this is a great way to make her miss you like crazy

Do you know how people wonder why “ugly” men get the “beautiful” girls? It’s easy, they are funny. Women love to laugh. They enjoy a good laugh and would pick that any day. Don’t be an annoying clown, however. That might scare her off and it can also be a turn off for women. That’s not what we are aiming for, is it?.

3. Give her space – have time for yourself too.

Avoid “see finish”. Also avoid calling her every single time you remember you have the ability to. You don’t have to be with her every day. You make your presence tiring. You also come off as needy and girls don’t fancy that. Give her a little suspense. Let her call you for once. It changes the game fellas. I tell you.

Also, avoid being too distant. Know when to push and pull. This also gives you time to focus on yourself and your goals.

4. Don’t always respond to her texts and calls – it’ll make her miss you like crazy  

This might sound a little mean but it works. If she takes a lot of time to reply to your messages or return your calls, do that too. Don’t always be quick to pick her calls or run over to her when she wants you to. Have some pride. Know when to stop. Have her wondering what you’re doing now or why you’re so busy. She’s sure to miss you like crazy.

5. Never act jealous to Make Her Miss You

You never act jealous especially when you guys aren’t even a couple. Never show a girl your emotional side when she hasn’t asked for that. Even when she’s ready, give her in bits and pieces. Don’t always agree with things she says and also find ways to make her miss you. By doing this, you come off more mysterious and girls like that.

6. Give Her The Time Of Her Life – she’s sure to miss you like crazy

If you want a girl to miss you like crazy, then you have to give her the time of her life. The one that gets her smiling whenever she has flashbacks. Trust me, she’ll always want to be in your company, hear you talk and watch you eat. So, before you begin the journey, make sure you’ve achieved this and everything would fall in place.

Conclusion on How to Make A Girl Miss You

If you’re thinking of making your girlfriend miss you like crazy, you have to make sure you don’t lose your mind in the process. You should be confident in your relationship with any girl. This way you don’t have to depend on actively chasing it. Let us know in the comment which way you’ve tried in the past. How did you get your girlfriend to miss you like crazy?. find out How to make a guy miss you like crazy.

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6 Easy Tips on How to Make A Girl Miss You Like Crazy

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