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It’s your first date and you’re really excited. Everyone tells you what to do but no one tells you what you shouldn’t be doing. Before a first date, you’re out to impress but there is more than one way to do that. People focus a lot on what they look like, smell like, and talk like, they forget other important things.

There’s no denying that first dates can be very tricky, especially if you like the person and you’re not just there to catch fun. So what are the mistakes you shouldn’t be making when the time comes?. Here are a few examples.

1. Do not be late on the first or any other date.

Nothing screams nonchalance than showing up late at anything, especially a date. If you know you’re going to be busy prior to your date, start your work early. Cook your food, arrange your clothes, finish your assignments, leave early to avoid facing the wahala of traffic. Whatever it is, you do not want to be late for a date. Punctuality is very essential on any occasion, always remember that.

2. Do not talk too much

You might be wondering, how much is too much? Any extra thing you know you wouldn’t be telling your village people, don’t tell them. Keep the conversation light but entertaining but do not go about telling your all. Do not tell him everything so they don’t see you finish. Keep the gist for another time and if this time never comes, no problem, you move.

3. Do Not Rant About Your Past Relationships on a first date

It is completely OK for you to give hints on what you want in a relationship without scaring the other person away. However you do not want to rant about your exes on your first date, no one likes that. It isn’t important to talk about these things on a first date except you’re asked or it’s necessary. Remember that if you have to keep talking about your ex, either in a good light or bad, it means you’re not over them. That is a turn-off.

4. Do not bring your friends

This cannot be stressed enough. When going on your first date, do not bring a friend, even though you guys have been friends since nursery school. Your date wants to have quality time with you and not sharing it with another. You should respect that and go alone. In a situation where you don’t feel safe, you can suggest an open place. You can also call your friends and let them know where you will be. Just don’t bring them along, it’s not a group project.

5. Do not force intimacy

Not only is that illegal, but it is also just nasty. Keep your hands to yourself and make sure to read body language. If you don’t understand body language then just keep your hands to yourself. Never fails. You do not want to lean in for a kiss, a forceful hug, etc. you should focus on getting to know the date and not trying to score them.

6. Do not forget your manners

Remember your manners. Wherever it is, find it and put it deep in your pocket/purse. No one is saying you shouldn’t be yourself, but be yourself with a little more decorum. Don’t chew with your mouth open, don’t cut your date short when they talk, etc. you don’t have to be uptight and uncomfortable but be your best self  

7. Do not look bad on your first date

First impression matters and we all know that. Yes, we really love people for who they are on the inside but before you get there, you have to see the outside and be pleased with it. That goes to say, pay attention to what you wear and how you smell. If you can’t put in that effort for someone who will, just call off the date. You can always stay home and watch African magic.

These seven tips can help you score a second date and also lets you know more about your potential love interest.

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