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If you live in Nigeria, then you must have traveled by road. Sometimes, you might even commute through buses. There are several types of people you will meet when traveling on a bus in Nigeria.

This is where you get to meet a lot of “characters” displaying their magic. Let’s take a moment to remember these characters and the joy and frustration they bring to us every year.

7 types of people you will meet when traveling on a bus in Nigeria

1.     The Preacher Type

types of people you will meet when traveling on a bus
Preacher of war

Have you ever entered a bus only to hear a burst of outcry? Yep. That’s the Bible warrior type right there. They can pray for an hour straight on buses.

Right now, we aren’t even surprised when they start. We are all used to it already. No big deal

2.     The Eaters

Ah yes. These are the ones that buy everything in sight. If they don’t buy anything, there is a problem. Akara, snail, suya, drinks, gala…everything you can think of.

Your bus will just be smelling anyhow. Your taste buds will be hitting up. Mehn, those eaters can deal with you especially when you are broke.

3.     The Sleepers

Sleepers never lack

This is where I fall in o. This category of people just likes to sleep on a bus. No matter how short the trip is, you can see them sleeping.

If you are sitting next to one, you might have to endure the constant head rolling. Pray to God that they don’t have spit drooling down their mouths.

The sleepers can almost be found on every bus. They are an integral part of the journey.

4.     The Ear Piece People

These people are in the majority o. Black, pink, white earpiece. Once they enter the bus, the earpiece will just appear. In fact, if they don’t have one, they will usually buy on the road.

The thing about these types of people is that they also can be part of other types of people. They usually are also sleepers.

The earpiece gang is the complete package.

5.     The Talkative

types of people you will met when travelling on a bus in Nigeria

Na so so talks these people dey talk. You will usually find the chief of the talkative sitting next to the driver. The talk can be anything. However, politics is usually at the top of the chain.

Once these people are activated, the talk never ends. In fact, they will even complain of your earpiece if you have one on.

6.     The Slow down Driver Gang

Then you also have this gang. They will always be checking over the seat to see how much the driver is speeding.

If a member of this gang is in the front seat, then you might probably reach your destination at night.

However, they play a vital role in keeping you alive. You just cannot take that away from them.

7.     The lonely ones

Now, you have those ones that are very uninterested in what is going on. They spend most of their time looking outside the window.

They don’t participate in anything that goes on in the car. Most members of this gang will usually also be in the earpiece gang.

Bonus Gang

The Thief Gang

Ah, you have the thieves. They are always looking for a way to steal your things. Phones, laptops, and wallets are their normal targets.

If they sit next to a member of the sleeper gang, it’s usually a fruitful day for them.

Final Thoughts on types of people you will meet when traveling by road in Nigeria

So those are the 7 types of people you will meet when traveling by road in Nigeria. These people will always be around you on a bus. That’s why you will always have drama in any bus you find yourself.

That’s why we live in Nigeria after all.

If you want to see the things all Nigerians can relate to, you should click here.

Do you have any other gang you feel should have been mentioned?

Please let us know in the comment section!

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7 Types of People you will meet when traveling on a bus in Nigeria

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