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You are finally ready to become the fashionable man you always wanted to be. However, Nigerian fashion rules for men may seem to be a bit confusing. After all, you probably seen some really top Nigerian celebrities make fashion mistakes that hurt your brains. Literally.

So if you have been asking “How can I look classy in Nigeria?” then this is the article to read.

Let’s look at 8 Nigerian fashion rules for men.

8 Nigerian Fashion Rules for men

1.     Native Wears and Shoes

Loafer Shoes are the Best

Fashion in Nigerian traditional styles has really soared in recent years. However, this has led to some blunders we can no longer ignore.

Top of the list is wearing laced shoes with your Nigerian dresses. This is really a big no. Please try to avoid this.

Also avoid wearing canvas. It doesn’t just look right.

If you must wear a shoe, go for loafers or any shoe without laces. They never disappoint.

2.     Belts and Shoes

Make sure your belt and shoes match perfectly

The color of your belt should always match your shoe. This is not even optional. Please if you don’t have the right belt for the shoe, don’t wear it.

It’s that bad.

Remember that one color can have variants. So don’t wear a dark brown belt and light brown shoes. That’s even worse.

Don’t think people won’t notice. They just won’t tell you.

Oh and this doesn’t apply to natives. Try to avoid wearing a visible belt with your native.

3.     Socks with Nigerian Traditional Attire

Nigerian Fashion Rules for Men
Avoid wearing socks

It’s tempting, I know. Don’t fall for it.

One simple Nigerian fashion rule is not wearing socks with your native dresses. If you desperately need to wear any type of socks, your best bet will be half-socks.

However, the right way to dress will be by combining your Nigerian traditional dresses with badass loafers.

4.     Sandals and Natives rock

Now, this is one positive rule. If you are lost on what to wear with your native, leather sandals will always do you right.

It’s more formal than leather slippers. Most times, it’s also really finer.

5.     Wrist Watches and Traditional Attire

We know you like your chain watches with the glam effect. However, when wearing traditional attire, you’ll have to retire these watches.

The rule here is to wear only leather wristwatches with your native attire.

It’s important you also try to avoid sporty wrist watches. This is just not the time.

6.     Natives and Bracelets

Nigerian Fashion Rules for Men
Beads can be perfect for Nigerian Natives

Now, it’s totally acceptable to wear bead bracelets with your natives. In fact, if done properly, it can bring out your traditional attire in so many ways.

However, try to avoid the really shiny bracelets. These ones cause more harm than good.

However, when it comes to Nigerian fashion rules, beads are wonderful accessories when wearing traditional dresses.

7.     Shoes for Corporate Dresses

If you are going for a corporate look, you also have to be mindful of the shoes you wear. The general rule here is that black, brown and oxblood shoes are the best for corporate clothes.

Wearing any other color is just a risk. However, there are some exceptions. In some situations, white bucks might also fit in perfectly.

However, our recommendation is that you go for the three generally accepted colors. It saves you a lot of stress.

8.     Don’t overdo the Accessories

Source: Fashion Beans

Now, we all love accessories. However, we must learn not to overdo them. Try to make sure everything fits.

For example, if you want to wear a tie, and also have pocket squares on a suit, make sure that the color of your suit is a bit lighter.

A lot of beads and a wristwatch on the same hand doesn’t just look right.

Final Thoughts on Nigerian Fashion Rules for Men

So there you have it! Taking your fashion game a step higher is really easy. In Nigeria, following these tips will help you on your fashion journey.

Do you have more fashion tips to share? If you do, tell us about it in the comment section and we may just add it to this article.

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8 Simple Nigerian Fashion Rules for Men

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