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Have you been struggling at work lately? I know the feeling. Everyone struggles from time to time when faced with a huge pile of work to complete. I just came out of one of those struggles last week. How to be more productive at work is therefore a question that has bothered me.

If it bothers you too or you’re just looking for a good way to boost productivity at work, this might be the answer.

If you want an article specifically dealing with productivity during COVID-19, Catherine did a good job with this article. You might want to check it out.

Having said that, let’s begin!

How can I be more productive at work?

Productivity at work

Plan your day ahead of time

It’s important to always have a plan. While some people are more spontaneous than others, having a plan or at least a mental guide on how your day should go is a good idea.

So take the time out to draw up a checklist. If you are absolutely pressed for time, then make a mental note on what you want to achieve.

While it’s easy to draw up a plan, it can prove really hard to keep to it. So you also have to develop a lot of consistency.

Planning everything well will ensure you get ahead in your work

Find and stick to your most productive hours

Sometimes, a good boost to your productivity might just be optimizing your work hours. This can vary from person to person. I normally love the morning rush. I can complete tasks really quickly and take a break during the day.

You might be different. You might completely excel at night or during the day. So take a day or two to consider when you really enjoy working.

So even though you have to work all day, you can spread out the work. This reduces the workload to hours where you are especially strong.

Identify Tasks that are of High Priority

To be more productive at work, you have to rank your priorities from most important to the least. Doing this allows you to complete the more important tasks first before diving into others.

Doing so will offer you more productivity at a faster rate.

Take Short Breaks                      

You become weighed down when you work for long hours without having any break or rest. So make sure you take short breaks in between your jobs.

Short breaks allow you to keep the same concentration levels for longer periods. It also helps with the assimilation of problems and solutions.

Here’s what I recommend- You can take 5-10 minutes to relax after every hour. How you choose to spend it is entirely up to you.

Stay away from your emails and social media

Being more productive at work means you have to draw a line with social media and your emails. It’s all too easy to be sucked up checking your emails every minute. There’s an addiction that comes with it.

Social media platforms might also be very tempting. So stay away from them. If you don’t have to use your phone during work hours, then put it away while you work.

Work with Targets and Deadlines

The problem with humans is the tendency to procrastinate when there’s nothing at stake. If you have this problem, then, it’s time to take it up a notch.

Set deadlines for every activity that you do. This increases the stakes and forces your body into action. While setting deadlines, you can also set day long targets. You can assess how well you did on your targets every day.

Being more productive at work means that you were able to meet those targets daily.

Multi-Tasking might be bad

I’m the biggest fan of multi-tasking. If you can do it well, then you should. However, multi-tasking can often lead to a lot of unproductive hours in between. It can also fail spectacularly if you try to force the issue.

So if you aren’t the best in multi-tasking, don’t do it. You’ll achieve so much more by simply narrowing your activity to one at a time.

Doing this will ensure you finish more tasks every day. Multi-tasking might leave you in the middle of nowhere.

Learn the difference between being busy and productive at work

Just so we are clear, there’s a big difference between being busy and productive. You can be busy lazily around. At the end of the day, you’ll get nothing done. In fact, it’s very easy to get into that loop.

Being more productive means you are taking on tasks and achieving them. It transcends just being busy. It’s important you stay productive and not just busy.

Why should I improve my productivity at work?

Being more productive at work has so many blessings. Consider a few of them.

  • It improves your chances of being more successful
  • There’s a better chance of actually being liked by your employer
  • You can actually take your business to the next level by being more productive at work.
  • You gain respect from people around you.

Lastly, being more productive at work is also good for your overall happiness and satisfaction. It is one of the ways you can also become a winner in life.

I hope you can become productive at your job. If you have any questions or issues, feel free to comment. I’ll be happy to tell you what I think.

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8 Ways on how to be more productive at work

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