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You probably have a tub of Vaseline in your house or other kinds of petroleum jelly and you don’t know what to use it for. Petroleum jelly is not just a moisturizer but it is recommended for a lot of other things. These include healing keeping your skin healthy and preventing chaffing.

So, if you think your jar of petroleum jelly is useless, you might want to think again. Here are at least 10 ways you can make use of your petroleum jelly today.


You probably already know this and if you don’t, now you do. Petroleum jelly is great to be applied after a shower the same way you would use a lotion. You can also apply them on your lips to keep they moisturized as well.

Relieves Minor Bruises

If you have minor bruises, then petroleum jelly can help in keeping it from drying out. When wounds dry out, they form an ugly scab you’re better off without. So if you have one, apply a little petroleum jelly.

Prevents Chaffing and Dry Skin

No one wants dry and dull skin so this is a good way to get a better option. It also prevents chaffing which is casted by skin irritations and body rubbing together or against your clothes. You can apply this to your underarms, inner thighs and even your nipple to prevent chaffing.

Helps Your Hair, Brows and Lashes

Do you know petroleum jelly is can help your split ends when you go swimming? They add a little more luster to your hair as well. Just apply to the tips and walla! They can also be applied to your brows and lashes before bed to make them thicker and shinier.

Good for Your Nails

They can be used to rehydrate your nails. Applying then uh between your polishes help in keeping your nails hydrated. This prevents them from cutting, breaking or even chipping. It’s usually best to apply them when your nails are damp.

Helps in Removing Things That Are Stuck

If you have a ring stuck on your finger or a bracelet stuck on your wrist, applying a little petroleum jelly around the object and your skin helps you remove it safely.

Prevents Your Skin from Staining

It can also be used in preventing skin stains. Especially if you want to dye your hair or you want to get a spray tan. Just apply a little around your hair line to prevent the dye from staining your skin or apply in areas you don’t want your spray tan to get to.

Helps in Treating Rashes

Petroleum jelly is a good way to treat diaper rash or minor rashes. Apply a little on your baby before changing their diaper and rashes are supposed to clear up in a matter of days. If the rashes persist, then you can contact your child’s pediatrician or contact a dermatologist.

These are very effective ways to using petroleum jelly. If you have any other suggestions, let me know in the comment section.

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Amazing Ways to Use Petroleum Jelly Today

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