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Baby Instagram accounts have become a trend that a lot of people are hopping on.

These accounts are majorly run by their parents, and even though they may be concerns about their children’s privacy, these parents claim that they share almost everything that happens in their life online, so why not include a major part of it- which is their children?

The two most prominent reasons include photo saving and brand ambassadorships. People claim to “save” their baby’s photos on Instagram to avoid loss. Top celebrities aim to use these pictures as a medium for brand ambassadorships positions to advertise products like diapers, baby powder, maternal health facilities, etc.

Here are some reasons why I think baby Instagram accounts are not worth it:

1. Instagram may not be around in years to come:

This may sound stupid because Instagram is making such huge waves right now, but we have to understand that 90% of products experience a huge downturn at least once in their lifespan.

In years to come, Instagram may not be as profitable or as catchy as it seems now. Something better may resurface. What’s going to happen to all your hard work when it fades?

2.All your children must have baby Instagram accounts

You have other things to focus your attention on, like keeping fit.

Imagine if you have to do that for three to five kids, coupled with yours. You can as well resign from your current job.

3.You can’t repeat outfits on baby Instagram accounts:

It’s a law on Instagram – Never repeat outfits for pictures.

You always have to worry about not repeating clothes on Instagram. You’ll drive yourself crazy if you’re trying to stay trendy on a budget.

4. You’d be concerned about comments

Everyone is trying to find ways to de-clutter their lives. A lot of people are even leaving social media platforms to try to clear their heads and protect their mental health.

No matter how good you are, not everyone would like that you have a baby or that you even got married. So, you can take some very nice photos of your cute angel smiling, and someone will make some nasty comment about his big nose or that she doesn’t look like you.

You’d spend your entire day trying to get rid of the trolls in your head, or even answering them. Is your energy worth that?

5. What happens when that baby is grown?

There is a 90% chance that your parents didn’t force you to join Instagram. In fact, some even tried to stop you from joining. What makes you think that your child is going to treasure the idea that you put his naked bum on the internet for everyone to see?

The captions that you’re writing on behalf of your child may sound pretty lame in the next five years. Why would you want to risk that?

Allow your child make decisions on his/her privacy. There are other private ways to search people, and you shouldn’t be trying to make money off your child.

Have you had similar experiences? Do well to write them in the comment section, and don’t forget to share to friends and family.

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Baby Instagram Accounts: Are They Worth It?

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