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What are the benefits of olive oil for your face and skin? Olive oil as we know is made by the pressing of olives. Then their oil is extracted and they come in various forms too. There’s the extra virgin olive oil and the cold pressed olive oil.

If you have a bottle of olive oil in your home you don’t know what to use it for, then this would help. Lots of people just use it for their stir fry or even their salad dressings. However, this oil can do a lot more than make your meals perfect. You can use it to moisturize and tone your face and skin.

Researchers have found that applying olive oil can help in fighting cancer causing cells on the skin of mice. It showed the significant reduce in number of tumors to mice that had olive oil to their skin.

What Are They Benefits of Olive Oil to Your Face And Skin?

There are lots of benefits of olive oil when applied to your face and other parts of your body. Some of them include:

Benefits of Olive Oil – They Act as Moisturizers

One of the benefits of olive oil for your face and skin is that they act as moisturizers. When you’re prone to acne, soaps which are made with olive oil could be your best bet in fighting bacteria. They also leave the skin hydrated and moisturized. Therefore, slowly clearing them off.

They Are Rich in Vitamins

Another benefit of olive oil is that they are rich in vitamins. They contain vitamins including A, D, E and K. If you know anything about vitamins, you’ll understand how important these are for a healthy glowing skin.

They Posses Antioxidant Properties

That’s right, olive oil acts as an antioxidant. This means it can help in preventing damages caused by ultra violet radiation which could lead to cancer. Olive oil has a high concentration of squalene. This is why it’s so rich in antioxidant properties.

How Can It Be Used?

How can you apply olive oil to your face to get the maximum benefit? You can find olive oil in some lotions, soaps, body washes etc. these are already prepared for your use. However how do you use olive oil without the added ingredients?

All you have to do is apply it as a moisturizer directly to a freshly washed skin. If you apply too much, a towel can be used to blot off the excess oil. One highly beneficial way to use this is after you’ve been exposed to the sun it if you are suffering from a sunburn.


When making use of olive oil to your skin, ensure you get a good quality one. Don’t make use of oil blends because they aren’t the same and you won’t get as much benefit as you would if you used a standard version.

Make sure you store it properly. Keep it away from excessive light, heat or oxygen or it could be damaged. When you get a new olive oil bottle, look for a certification label from the international olive council.

Lastly, if you use the olive oil on your skin and you notice a reaction, stop immediately. Also avoid using it on infants.

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Benefits of Olive Oil for Your Face and Skin

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