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Do you want to wake up earlier in the morning? Perhaps you always wondered how people wake up by 6am every single morning. Don’t worry, I faced these issues too. In fact, it became a very big problem for me. However, I think I have got it covered now. So here’s how to wake up early.

In this article, I’m going to give you the complete guide on how to wake up earlier. Once you get these steps implemented, you’ll be good to go.

So let’s begin!

How to wake up early every single morning

1.     Have something important to do every morning

The first thing that helped me wake up earlier was having something important to do in the morning. It can be anything. Just make sure that it’s pretty important. Important enough to get you out of bed.

So start being creative. It’s high time you break the habit.

2.     Get an Alarm

One of the ways to make sure waking up is no longer a problem is to get an alarm clock. If you are thinking of what type of alarm to set, here’s a trick that worked for me.

Try using an alarm clock that slowly pours into your ears. It works way better than just using the traditional alarm setting.

That way, waking up earlier will no longer be an issue.

3.     Set Small Targets

Sometimes, your body might not fully adjust to waking up early. This can happen because of several reasons.

Suppose you normally wake up by 9 am and you want to start waking up by 5 am. That’s too much of a leap for your body and you might struggle.

However, setting smaller targets can make it easier and faster. You can start by going down to 8 am first and slowly ease yourself right back.

However, if you can’t wait that long to achieve this, then you might need to follow other methods. Don’t worry, I’ll list a bunch that you can follow.

4.     A good shower can do the trick

Your mind is awake but your body needs the push. Nothing does this well than a good shower. If you want to wake up earlier, then try taking a cold shower as soon as you get up.

Why not hot or warm water? You are more likely to just get sleepy all over again. Some people have also benefited from fluctuations between hot and cold water.

The key here is to give your body something to work with. Once you can do this effectively and your body is triggered, you’re good to go.

5.     Go Jogging

Waking up early is possible
A good morning workout can clear your head

Do it the old fashioned way. Go out and get jogging. I often say this is really killing two birds with one stone.

It keeps you fit and strong while also making sure that you wake up earlier. If you can’t go jogging, then you can do some quick exercises in the morning. Here are a bunch of exercises you can do.

Making sure that you keep your body busy in the morning is often key to waking up earlier.

6.     Want to learn how to wake up earlier? Do the right thing

Well, the reason you are probably not waking up earlier is that you aren’t sleeping early enough. When you sleep early, you set yourself up for a really good productive day.

You know, getting 8 hours of sleep is as good as it gets. So if you want to wake up by 6am, you have to sleep by at least 10pm.

If you don’t, then your body is going to suffer.

7.     Tell someone to check up on you

If you manage to open those sleepy eyes and still fall back lazily into your slumber, then you might need some help. Usually, a friend or a family member can help you out. Try talking to them about your struggles.

They can check up on you and keep you awake in the morning. Yes, I know it can be annoying to have someone snapping at you early in the morning. However, if you want to be a winner, then it’s time you start taking responsibility.

If you want to learn other steps to become a winner in life, you should probably click on that link.

8.     Avoid Late Dinners

This is my greatest struggle. You just have to cut back on late dinners. When you eat just before you go to bed at night, you probably won’t sleep.

You will spend the entire time just lying down staring at your ceiling. That’s a big blow to your targets.

Certain types of food can make the situation worse. Taking processed foods for example or cake is certainly a big NO.

Try to avoid them. Waking up early becomes easier.

9.     Avoid the Blue Light from your Gadgets

Your sleep quality helps you wake up earlier. When you keep getting exposed to lights from your smartphones and laptops just before you go to bed, it defeats the purpose.

Here’s how you can avoid this from happening- Get yourself a curfew for putting away all your electronics.

It’s not just enough to plan. You actually have to stick with your plans. Also, try to avoid watching Netflix just before you sleep. No one said waking up early was easy.

10.Eat an early and Healthy Breakfast

Healthy breakfast helps you stay awake

Make it a point to eat early and healthy.

You won’t achieve much by snacking in the morning or laying claim to processed foods or junk. Make sure you eat a lot of vegetables and lean proteins.

11.Get up immediately you wake up

We often develop the habit of slowly easing out of bed in the morning. However, try to avoid that. Get up immediately you wake up.

Staying in bed randomly scrolling through your phone or just watching funny videos is an invitation to close your eyes for just a little while.

We all know how that ends.

Make sure you keep the work-life out of your sleeping life. You give yourself a fighting chance when you do this.

Waking up earlier is possible

If you were thinking of giving up the fight, I implore to give it one more go. Waking up early is important for success in life.

Make sure you get it right.

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Best Tips on How to wake up early every single morning

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