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Everyone loves a good picture and the unfortunate truth is, lots of people aren’t photogenic. It makes it a struggle to take pictures even when they are good looking in real life. The question is, how to be photogenic regardless?

Taking pictures before learning my angles and what worked for me was a dreaded sport. I just never bothered taking pictures at all. However, there comes a time you have to take it upon yourself to learn. Learn lighting, angles, and just about anything that works for you.

If you need a good picture for your Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, these tips are sure to help. Even if they don’t seem to at first (not magic after all). Eventually, you’ll come to get the hang of it. Taking good pictures make you more comfortable updating your photos and media. It gives you a lot more confidence. It just makes you happier.

Here is the easy idea on how to be photogenic you need to know.

How To Be Photogenic – You Need to Practice

Practicing makes you understand what works for you. Before you find that out, you need to know all that is wrong. You can practice in front of your mirror or your camera before you press the shutter. If you want the first tip on how to be photogenic, you need to practice practice practice.

Loosen Up

When you’ve been taking bad pictures for too long, you lose your confidence. It makes you stiff and very uncomfortable and that can show in a picture. In order to be photogenic, you need to relax and loosen up. Smile, give a wink, bite your lips. Feel cute or sexy or whatever you’re going for. Do it without a care in the world. Like you actually mean it. You’ll see a huge difference. A great tip on how to be photogenic.

Know Your Angles

A lot of people don’t have a perfectly symmetrical face and that’s OK. You can still work with your face however it is. Find the angle of your face that works just right for you. Lift your camera above your left side and below, repeat on the right. You eventually get to know which looks better in your opinion.

Use Your Body

You should be able to convey emotions with your body. If you’re taking a full body picture, don’t stand straight. Turn slightly to the side to show your curves a little. Don’t place your hands too close to your body. This is because it gives the illusion of bigger arms.

How To Be Photogenic – Don’t Forget the Lighting

There’s a reason a lot of people buy ring lights these days or wait till sunset and sunrise to take photos. That’s because of the perfect lighting that comes from this. Lighting plays a huge role in your pictures so don’t forget that. A good tip on how to be photogenic is to remember the lighting always.

Love Yourself

The last tip on how to be photogenic is to love yourself. If you don’t love yourself, you’ll never be satisfied with any photo you take. You’ll always wonder why something is this way instead of another. Don’t compare yourself to models and celebrities on Instagram or magazines. Most of those photos have been photoshopped to give an illusion of perfection. Don’t fall into that trap. When you love yourself, you see things a lot differently.

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Best Tricks on How to Be Photogenic

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