Coping after NYSC- the Best Tips on How to get started

Coping with NYSC

Coping after NYSC is always on the minds of millions of young Nigerians. To wear the khaki and green jacket is a dream to some while a waste of time for others. Regardless we all must do it if we want to work in Nigeria. However, the question of what to do when your NYSC ends remains largely confusing. Learning how to cope after NYSC is paramount.

Coping after NYSC would be less stressful if you planned for it now. If you are still lost on how to do this, I can certainly be of help.

The Best Guide to Coping after NYSC

So here are my tips for getting through your service year and starting life as a champion.

1Have a Plan

You have to have a plan. There’s no better way of saying this. If you don’t have a plan, chances are that you are going to get confused and disoriented along the way.

So, what do you really want to do? Are you planning on starting your own business? Do you want to go back to school for your masters? Are you planning on leaving the country soon and never coming back?

You need to make up your mind to follow one of these paths. This does not mean you can’t change your mind later. However, it gives you a clear mind to coping after NYSC.

So here’s what I suggest. Take a day or two to consider your options and the steps you need to make that option come to life. Make sure you find your passion.

Then try to implement it as early as possible.

2Start Saving from Month One

If there is anything good about the NYSC year, it’s the allawee you are set to get. The particular amount you get can vary depending on where you work.

Regardless, you can be sure of #33,000 from the federal government every month. Then, with the right placement, maybe an extra #10,000.

The key is to start saving from day one. If you are largely dependent on the money that you get from your NYSC, you can save as little as #5,000 every month. With this, you would have saved up to #60,000 in a year.

Don’t think this is small. There are a ton of businesses you can start with that amount. Here’s an article that talks about small businesses you can start with as little as #50,000.

If you do have another source of income that can sustain you, you can put aside the entire #33,000 during that year. That’s #396,000 in a year. That’s enough to help you invest in a medium-sized business in Nigeria.

Here’s an article about small businesses that need just around #200,000 to get started.

3Cope with Depression during and after NYSC

If there is a year to be depressed, it is your NYSC year. The truth is you just can’t know how your life is going to turn out. That’s really scary if you ask me.

The pressures of searching for a job can also make the prospect of coping after NYSC really intimidating.

You are at the brink here. You have to stay calm and focused. It’s really the most important thing right now.

So here are some tricks to fight depression.

  • Focus on your health. Eat well and avoid processed foods.
  • Focus on being fit. This is the last free year you are going to have. So, make sure that it’s a blast.
  • Talk about your problems. Find the right people and never be afraid to ask questions on how to make progress.

If you are already depressed, here’s an article that can help you to be happy again

4Coping after NYSC means starting your Job Search early

Coping after NYSC can be difficult if you don’t start your job search early. I personally think that your search for a job should start right from the moment you enter the camp.

Just think about it. 2000 people stuck in a small compound for 21 days. That is the ultimate place for building your connections and network.

So make sure you interact and talk to a lot of people. You never know if the person you are talking to can change your life.

Also, make sure you choose your Primary Place of Assignment (PPA) carefully. I saw a lot of people trying to get PPA in places where there’s absolutely no hope of retention.

Most times, quick money is the appeal. However, you have to be smarter. There’s no point working in CBN if you are never going to be retained.

Do your research and find a good place that balances good pay with retention. Coping after NYSC might become so much easier.

5Work Hard and Smart

As I said, this is your last free year before responsibility chokes you up. There’s no better time to save than now.

So pull your weight. Make sure you work your butt off. I once saw a quote that said if you are a gutter cleaner, make sure you are the best gutter cleaner in the world.

So no matter how insignificant it might seem, do the work well. You never know the end result.

While this is important, try to streamline your efforts to your goal. There’s no point working hard if you aren’t smart about it. The ability to cope after NYSC depends on this.

6Build Up a Strong CV

To cope after NYSC, you also have to polish your CV. What most people fail to realize today is that most companies are after people with soft skills.

So, do you have communication skills, leadership skills, or just your bachelor’s degree? I’m sorry but university degrees are no longer enough. That’s the price you pay for living in this era.

So go out there and learn some new skills. Learn how to speak an extra language. That can get you a job at NGOs and World Organizations.

Attend seminars and take online courses. Make yourself stand out. It doesn’t matter what you got at the university. Building your CV is the first step in the right direction.

7Have Fun Too

Don’t let frustration and anxiety kill you. Make sure you enjoy the service year. There is so much you can do during this time.

Plus, you are probably in a state where you have never been before.

So enjoy life now before the challenges of being a Nigerian hit you in the face.

To cope after NYSC, you need to be smart and dedicated. If you do that, it will end in smiles and laughter.


  1. I haven’t done my Nysc yet but I absolutely love this article and I will definitely use the points here. Very practical.

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