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Good parenting involves a lot of sacrifices.

Being a good parent takes lots of years of consistent hard work, and it tests you on all levels: physically, spiritually, mentally, and otherwise.

Giving birth a child doesn’t automatically make you a good parent. You have to work and earn the title.

Here are our top five good parenting qualities

Good parenting qualities

1. Good role modelling

You can’t preach good qualities if you can’t imbibe them as a person, more or less a parent. It is so important you become a good role model for your kids to emulate.

Start with the little things- by appreciating your kid’s efforts, by maintaining good decorum outside the home, by genuinely caring for people, etc.

Your child will begin to see these things as a normal way of life.

2. Good parenting involves great listening skills

Parents with great listening skills are a blessing.

When parents learn to attune themselves and listen to their kids without a bias mindset, their children become more open and willing to share their own experiences. Then, the parents can impact wisdom based on what they’ve heard.

Too many parents jump into conclusion without addressing their kids’ problems. Once this becomes an issue, your child wouldn’t listen to you anymore.

3. Flexibility

Things are changing, and parents with a fixed mindset are more of obstacles than blessings.

With the advent and growth of technology and innovation, newer jobs are being created than ever before. Thirty years ago, there was nothing like social media managers or marketers. But it has become a prominent profession in today’s world.

What of sports? Sports wasn’t celebrated as much as it is now.

So, having parents that might not understand your profession but supports you in every way (as long as you’re not doing anything illegal) is a huge advantage.

4. Empowerment

Parents that empower their children help them develop a sense of purpose and fulfillment.

Children always want to grow up fast and do things on their own. It’s just a natural way of satisfying our curiosity and gaining independence. So, good parents help to nurture a sense of responsibility in their kids whilst still providing everything they need to become better human beings.

They don’t try to micro-manage or make their kids grow up too fast, neither do they instill laziness or slothfulness. They strike a balance.

5. Good parenting involves fun lifestyles

Who doesn’t love to have fun?

The only time some Nigerian parents gather their kids is for morning devotion. Good parenting involves creating fun memories for your child, and you don’t have to break the bank for it. You can go watch a movie, go to a park, or better still, go on a vacation.

Your home needs to be a place of happiness and comfort. Let your kids bring their friends over and make them wish they had a home like yours.

Live so that your kids can be proud of you. Train them properly so you can be proud of them.

What are your best parenting qualities? Share them below. Don’t forget to share this article to friends and family.

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Good Parenting Qualities: How to Make Your Home Great

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