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There are a lot of signs out there to know when a woman wants you. Again, men and women express things completely differently and it can be a barrier. But it doesn’t have to be. So here I am, breaking the code to let you know how to know when a woman wants to sleep with you. Sometimes women just don’t know how to say it in words. This is why signs a woman wants to sleep with you exist.

You should always understand that consent is very important for both parties. If you’re not interested, do say so. If you are and she’s not, then let her be. But it all balls down to the signs. Here’s a little secret about women. Every woman knows who they’d sleep with and who they wouldn’t. It doesn’t matter what you buy for her, where you take her etc. if she doesn’t want to, it’ll be very difficult to change her mind.

However, for the ones who do want to sleep with you, here are a few signs you should look out for. These signs make you look less like a fool when you try initiating a kiss or becoming intimate.

What Are the Signs A Woman Wants to Sleep with You?

1. She Always Wants to Spend Alone with You – Signs A Woman Wants to Sleep with You.

If she always wants to spend alone time with you, she might want you more than you imagine. She always invites you to her place. Or she might want to come over to your place when no one is around. If a woman agrees to spend alone time with you, she feels comfortable around you.

Maybe she invites you over for a few drinks. To talk and get to know yourselves better. Even if you find out she doesn’t exactly want to sleep with you. Now you know she at least enjoys your company and feels comfortable with you.

2. She Doesn’t Mind Flirty Conversations

Here’s another little secret. When a woman is interested in sleeping with you, she wouldn’t mind talking about sex. The ball is in your court as what you say would determine if it’ll happen or not. She’ll want to know about your sexual history. How they went. Why they ended. What kind of stuff you’re into etc. She just wants to be sure of what she’s getting into and how mature you are in a situation like this.

She also won’t mind talking dirty. This isn’t just to know about you but to build the tension as well. Women love tension. In fact, most of the pleasure is in the anticipation. She might send you risky texts or just say them. Whichever way, as long as you’re getting the message. So basically, she’s trying to turn you on. This makes her understand if you’re interested or not.

3. She Gives It Off with Her Body Language – Signs A Woman Wants to Sleep with You.

From the way she touches you intentionally, to the way she stares at you. Her body language would give it off when she wants you in bed. She doesn’t mind initiating a cuddle. You also notice it doesn’t try to move your hand when you place it on her waist. She bites or licks her lips when looking at you too.

The more body contact, the better. A hug? Sure, she doesn’t mind. When a woman is sexually attracted to you, she can’t get her eyes off you. Sometimes it’s unconsciously but it’s definitely there.

4. She Kisses You Passionately

When a woman is attracted to you sexually, the kiss is always different. If you guys are already in a relationship and kissing happens, it’ll be a lot passionate. When a girl kisses you quickly on the lips, she’s probably not ready yet. Again, it could be that she’s shy.

However, when she goes all out, she’s putting herself out there. Letting you see how great of a kisser she is. The kiss would be French, longer, and a lot more passionate.

5. She Welcomes Your Advances

One sign a woman is sexually attracted to you is that she welcomes your advances. She leans in more when you try to touch her. If you’re the initiator, she’s very welcoming. When she wants you, she also wants your touch?

She would be open to your advances. Your kisses. Even your caresses. When this happens, you know she might want to sleep with you.

6. She Tells You She Wants to Sleep with You – Signs She Wants to Sleep with You.

With everything written above, nothing beats getting the words from her mouth. There’s no hundred percent prove she wants to sleep with you. That is till she lets you know herself. So if you pick up these signs, don’t just assume and go for it. Get the words from her mouth. Consent is always key.

 It could be that you’ve misunderstood some of her moves. Maybe, as mentioned earlier, she just feels comfortable with you. But she’s not ready to have sex yet. That’s right. Even if she’s naked, ensure to get the words of affirmation from her mouth. It’s also important you give her yours too.

What Next?

When you’re a hundred percent sure a woman wants to sleep with you, what next? If you’re interested then by all means go for it. But if you’re not, don’t feel any pressure whatsoever. It’s ok to turn down sex. It doesn’t make you a terrible person.

Turning down a woman might be hard. So, if you don’t want to say it all out, then let her know gently. Don’t act like you are interested. Stay away as much as you can. And ultimately you have to use your words.

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