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Homeschooling has a lot of misconceptions in Nigeria.

For those who do not know what homeschooling is or what it entails, it is simply giving your child an education at home or any other place asides a school or learning institution.

With the advent of modern technology and civilization, the homeschooling education pattern is continuously growing in several parts of the world. It has laid stakes in Nigeria already.

However, a lot of parents aren’t convinced about it. They fear that their children may not be exposed to the pattern of education that they were exposed to.

You have very legitimate reasons to worry, but all your worries will be solved when I outline the benefits of the homeschooling system.

Benefits of homeschooling

1. Great teacher to student ratio

This is one of the things that the Nigerian educational system has failed to achieve.

The best way a child can learn is if his/her teacher teaches a small group of students and assesses them based on their capacities. The teacher judges their performance based on an in-depth evaluation of their skills and assets.

It is the direct opposite in Nigeria.

You will notice a lot of deficiencies if you look at a typical Nigerian public primary and secondary school. One teacher teaches more than 50 students in a class, and evaluates them on a general level. The only time most of these kids have a one-on-one contact is when it’s time to flog.

Many kids in these schools suffer from various learning disabilities like dyslexia, but these inexperienced teachers may not discover these problems on time. Even if they do, they may not have the time to cater to that child’s need specially.

Homeschooling allows your child to have one-on-one contact with the teacher. The child learns at his/her pace that way.

2. Homeschooling schedule is flexible

This is one thing a lot of parents enjoy. You don’t have to rush very early in the morning to drop the kids at school. You don’t have to bother about packing lunch boxes or preparing extra meals.

The parents or home teacher are at liberty to decide when to go on holidays, when to fix classes, and when the child writes tests.

Sweet life!

3. They are emotionally free

There is no peer pressure, no bullying, no pressure to try to ‘fit in’, no drugs, nothing.

Research has shown that homeschooled children have a great sense of self-esteem and mature emotionally as adults faster.

4. Parents are actively involved in homeschooling

Parents enjoy maximum access to their children’s lives; except they decide to hire a homeschool teacher.

Children that go to conventional schools don’t have this freedom. The only help they get from parents are for homework, which some parents don’t even have time for.

Parents are fully involved in the learning process here.


You see how I spelt it in capital?

Because that’s what people fear most about homeschooling. They fear their children won’t make friends, or won’t get certain experiences. But that is not true.

Your child is simply being homeschooled and not sent to prison.

Your child has a thousand and one places for socialisation to take place- church, birthday parties, children party events, vacations, etc.

This is why rich parents that homeschool their kids often enrol them for music or sports lessons. These are great ways for your child to meet other kids.

Besides, homeschooling is only for primary and secondary school. Your child is eventually going to go to the university and meet other people, so what are we saying?

6. They do better in tests

E shock you abi?

Why won’t they when they interact with their teachers personally?

So, the answer to my question is: IT CAN.

Do you have any reservations or contributions toward this topic? Do well to share them in the comments below.

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