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Toxic people are everywhere we look today. Sometimes, they might be even closer than we think. We all have relationships and friendships that can be considered toxic. So how do we identify a toxic person? You can do this by spotting some of their undeniable traits.

Knowing how to identify them will save us from a lot of stress. It will also ensure that we have meaningful relationships with those who really deserve it.

In this article, we are going to look at five ways to identify toxic people in our lives.

5 Ways You Can Identify a Toxic Person in Your Life

So here are 5 ways to identify a toxic person.

1.     They Are Chronic Manipulators

The ultimate goal of a toxic person is to ensure that you never feel good about yourself. They want you to feel like you are indebted to them in some way. This will also bring you back to them. So, they mess with your mind and leave you hurt. You will be left wondering what you did wrong.

They also try to get things from you without actually making any compromises themselves. Toxic people will not discuss matters with you. They will often use other methods to do this such as sulking or threatening to end the relationship.

2.     They Never Apologize

Here’s one thing you will quickly notice about them. They will never say they are sorry even after you have been obviously wronged. Heck, they won’t even admit they wronged you in the first place. Instead, they will find a way to blame you for the situation you find yourself in.

As far as they are concerned, they are always right.

3.     They Leave You Emotionally Drained

When you are with a toxic person, you always leave the conversation emotionally drained. They make it so difficult to get it right with them.

A sign that you have been emotionally drained is a feeling of hopelessness. While some people might want to lift you up with their words, a toxic person will always tear you down.

4.     Unhealthy Boundaries

Every relationship should have healthy boundaries. Of course, the type of relationship you are in will determine the type of boundaries you keep. For example, friendships will obviously have different boundaries when compared with a romantic relationship.

A toxic person will always disrespect those boundaries. One reason why is because they get jealous very easily. They try to control the relationship by knocking down every boundary you have.

They might require you always be around them or just simply won’t let you live your life the way you want to. You can never really grow with a toxic person around you.

5.     They Can’t Take a Joke

Now, here’s the funny thing about a toxic person. They will love to use sarcastic jokes on you to put you down before people. However, they absolutely hate it when you do the same. This can lead to sulking or a defensive attitude.

Toxic people absolutely love to be superior to you. Whenever they feel otherwise, they will try to control the relationship to feel on top once again. They won’t rest until they have achieved this.

Bottom Line

So how do you know if you are with a toxic person? Always trust your instincts and look for the red flags in a relationship. Doing so will protect from years of hurtful relationships.

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How Can I Identify a Toxic Person?

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