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Do you often find yourself quickly assuming that a certain person is good or bad? Sometimes, you put it down to your guts. However, this assumption can quickly affect your dealings with the person. You can be unreasonably harsh to one person and help another without any solid reason. That really is the beginning of being judgmental.

It’s very difficult to avoid judging people. However, it’s something you have to stop doing. In this article, I’m going to be mentioning some easy steps on how to achieve this.

The Power of Empathy

How would you like it if someone made up stuff about you in their head and possibly told others? Well, if you are like me, you probably won’t care much. Yet, most people are sensitive to this. No matter how much you shrug it, it’s not really what you would want.

You’d want people to actually get to know you and judge you based on your actions. So why would you do the same to someone else? That is the power of empathy. Once you start applying that, you’ll find it harder to judge people.

Take the First Step

One way to expel those judgmental thoughts will be to actually take the first step. Approach the person and try to find out more things about them. It’s very easy to judge someone by their faces or what you have been told by others. Take the steps to actually know them for who they are. Trust me, there are a lot of things you will learn.

Give Them the Benefit of Doubt

Sometimes, all you have to do is allow them to show you who they are. Don’t be quick to judge them. Give them the benefit of doubt. Most times, people’s real colors cannot stay hidden for a very long time. They will be quick to dispel any doubts as to how you view them.

Try Not To Make Any Assumptions

Remarkably, the human mind is quick to make assumptions and hold stubbornly to them even when it’s clearly not true. If you want to avoid judging people, you have to give up on making assumptions. More than 50% of all assumptions we make will end up being wrong.

So why make them anyway? Instead, try to create meaningful connections. This will help you understand the other person better. Empathy remember?

Understand People Are Different

We all know of different personalities and tastes. However, it seems that it all flies out the window when we want to judge others. This is the time where understanding is clearly needed the most. When we sincerely get this point, we will come to accept things easier.

Not Being Judgmental Is Different From Being a Fool

Remember though that not judging people does not mean you are a fool. You should know when to draw the line and how to protect yourself. There are truly toxic people in the world out there. Sometimes, you will need to act quickly to ensure that you protect yourself from emotional and physical abuse. Do not mistake this for being judgmental.

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How Do I Stop Being So Judgmental?

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