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In a world where everyone is trying to be like someone else, how do you just be yourself? How do you find out who you truly are and what makes your heart beat faster? As we all know, the world is clouded with unrealistic standards and expectations all around. From the television to social media. From how we walk, talk, and think.

This goes way beyond what you fail to see. The media and other people behind their keypads tell us how our romantic relationships should be. How we should dress, what we should say etc. This is why a lot of people build this false profile online, trying to be who they aren’t. Why can’t they just be themselves? The question is, why can’t you just be yourself?

Here are 5 healthy tips on how to be yourself.


You can not be what you’ve not accepted that you are. You might be living it but masking it with something else you wish was true. Social media has a way to tug at so many inferiority complexes. It always knows how to make you look and feel unattractive. You look at models online or actors and wonder why you don’t look like that. However, you need to understand there is more than meets the eye.

Around you, even your friends and family have started photoshopping themselves. Or getting surgery to fit into a definition of beauty. This can make you very sad. It can also make you avoid taking photos of yourself and putting it out there. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Once you learn to love yourself, you see the world a lot more differently. As the popular saying goes, the presence of someone else’s beauty doesn’t equal the absence of yours. The media is setting a bar so high you don’t have to live up to. As long as you feel beautiful in your own skin, it shouldn’t dictate your life.

How Do You Just Be Yourself – Embrace Your Strengths?

You’re wondering why you don’t have smooth skin? Have you ever stopped to appreciate how beautiful your smile was? You’re sad you aren’t so good at science, but have you ever stopped to think how good you are at art? No. That’s because you’re so focused on your weaknesses, you let them cloud your strengths.

This is a reason you’re sure to remember a more embarrassing day than one you had a lot of fun in. You’re feeding negative thoughts. Little by little. By giving it this power, it eventually overwhelms you. It makes you feel you’re not worthy.

There’s no saying you shouldn’t improve on your weaknesses. But accept them as yours and never let them make you forget your strengths.

How to Be Yourself – Block Out the Negativity

It could be the friends you keep in real life and on social media. Whichever is constantly fueling negativity into your space, you need to let them go. The thing about negativity is that they don’t always come from someone else. They can come from you.

How do you just be yourself? Let go of that voice in your head telling you you’re not good enough. Here’s a trick. When the voice comes and says “you’re not good enough”, ask it why. And when it lists out your weaknesses to you, use this one-word question “so?”.

Challenge the negativity in you. We all get it from time to time but it doesn’t have to control you. You have the power to shut it out. You just have to believe in yourself and put in the work. You’ll see a huge difference in your confidence when you challenge negative thoughts. Even if you can’t block them out, you can always challenge them,

Be Yourself – How Do You Just Be Yourself

You’re probably wondering how to be yourself since that’s what this article is about. But it’s in the little things you overlook. Hiding the fact that you like something because other people might think you’re a geek or a dweeb is not being yourself. You’re depriving yourself of your own happiness.

As long as you’re not committing any crimes against nature and humans, you should do just fine. Don’t let people on the internet dictate who you should be because that’s their definition of perfection. There is no perfection. Being a good person is all that counts. As much as you show your perfect side, your weaknesses are a part of you.

How do you just be yourself? Embrace these weaknesses. Work on them. But let them never make you lose sight of what you are and who you can be.

Work on You

Social media is a slippery place. One minute you think you’re right and boom, you find out you’ve been wrong. How to be yourself? You have to understand there is more to what the eyes can see. People come from different areas of life and with different orientations. Of course, I’m not condoning terrible behavior from people. But this helps you see the world differently.

Working on yourself involves being more understanding of people’s struggles. Trying to be a better version of yourself and not trying to be someone you’re not.

How do you just be yourself; you ask? Look into the mirror and make sure the person staring back at you is someone you’re not only proud of. But someone you can recognize.

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How Do You Just Be Yourself? Find Out Here.

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