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Asking anyone out can be tough. Boy or girl. You never know if you’re on the right track or if you’ve just been led on for so long. It’s even worse when it’s none of these things. Walking up to a girl and asking her to be your girlfriend or to go on a romantic date with you can be difficult. Keyword being “romantic”. She could be your friend you’ve known for so long or just a crush you see in the hallway. Whichever it is, you need to make your move and make it right. You don’t get a second chance in most cases.

If you have a crush on your long time friend, classmate, or someone in the office or church, keep reading. Here are sure ways to ask your crush out. You might never know if they are into you until you try. These tips aren’t just a confidence booster but they are very practical. Get the girl of your dreams without having to lose yourself in the process.

Look your best

Now looking your best is more than what you wear. It’s how you wear it. It’s also more than your clothes, it also your haircut, breathe, smell etc. if you want your crush to notice you, look nice. Now this is no encouragement to lose yourself in the process. But instead presenting who you are the best way you can. Everyone loves someone who looks good.

The day you finally decide to ask a girl out, make sure to take a shower, trim your hair/beards, smell nice and look confident. It’ll be harder to say no to that. A good first impression matters a lot.

Don’t ask your crush out over text

Believe it or not, people are different over the internet than they would be physically. Maybe not entirely different but you stand a higher chance of getting a “No” over the internet than physically. That being said, ask her out in person. Maintain eye contact and be confident. Body language!.

Do not be intimidating. Most of all, don’t make her feel like she has no other choice but to say yes. You’re trying to get her attention and not scare her away. With texts she can’t see your face and misinterpretation can occur easily.

Don’t give mixed signals when you ask her out

That means you should make your intention known. Here’s an example. You’ve been friends with a girl for a long time but you want to ask her out on a date. You can just go “hey would you like to go out with me”. And she could agree because she already attached a “as friends” to the statement. Don’t do that. That’s shooting yourself in the face. Instead go “would you like to go on date with me?”. It’ll be hard for her to miss out on the fact that it’s not as friends.

You can emphasize more by adding “romantic”. Whichever rolls off your tongue better. Never be vague about your intentions. She would misunderstand. Instead of asking her out casually, draw out a list of things you guys can do. Something romantic. Something that tells it as it is.

Make her laugh

Women love to laugh. Everyone does but women love to laugh. So make her laugh. Now I’m not saying you should go all Chris Rock on her. No. You don’t have to write down boring jokes or you could lose her before you even get her. Women laugh when they are comfortable and relaxed. When are they are having fun. So make her feel all these. Laugh as well. Be easy going. Please do not be too serious. She might never want to do that again.

Engage her in conversations. Find funny things to ask her on your first date. This keeps the conversation going and women love to talk. All you gotta do is turn the right key.

Now you know what to do but when is the right time? When asking a girl out, you don’t want to lay all this foundation to have it ruined by wrong timing.

Ask her out at the right place and at the right time

Time and place matters a lot. You don’t want to ask her out when she’s too busy, sad or withdrawn. You don’t want to ask her out in the middle of a presentation or situations she is sure to be stressed. You’re definitely getting a huge “NO”. Ask her out when she’s happy or more at ease. This is where building a connection matters.

When you have a connection with your potential love interest, it’s easier to know when this is. So you should be willing to study her. If you want her, you might as well put in the work.

Be prepared for rejection

Yes. You might get turned down. This is being realistic and it hurts but it will hurt less when you’re prepared. How to ask a girl out might be easy but being prepared for rejection might not. If she turns you down, accept and understand it like an adult. She may have her reasons. She might not be into you. It’s all better than leading you on. Don’t lose yourself in it. Don’t try too hard to be perfect. As long as you’re a confident, understanding and sincere person, you’re bound to get a girlfriend sooner than you think.

You might wonder “why ask my crush out if she’s just going to say no”. A lot of great quotes have revolved around “knowing than being left in the unknown”. So take that step today. Ask your crush out. It’s better to try.

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Should I ask her out?: How To Ask a Girl Out.

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