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You probably have dreams and goals you wanted to achieve at a certain age. Now, looking at your life, it seems time has gone by so fast and you have no idea how you got to this point. The loss of a dear friend or family member is something you never really get over, and it can leave you feeling sad and depressed. There are a million and one things that could make us lose our happiness. You probably don’t even know how to be happy again.

Human life is often filled with so much sadness, pain, and discomfort. No matter how much we try, sometimes it feels like we can never truly win. Happiness for some is something they feel they can never achieve. However, happiness isn’t selective and it is something that is attainable. Here are a few tips that can show you how to be happy again.

Learn How To Be Happy Again

1. Identify When You Stopped Being Happy

The first step is to ask yourself if you’ve ever been happy before. If you agree that you have been happy at some point in your life, it means something changed along the way. Identify when that change occurred. Was it a messy divorce that left you drained emotionally? Could it be that something happened at work? Or maybe you’re running low on cash. Knowing when you stopped being happy can help put things into perspective.

On the other hand, if you feel that you have never been happy in life, you’ll need to ask yourself why. Are there desires that have been repressed for so long? Are you self-denying? Do you feel trapped in your life? These questions need to be answered if you want to learn how to be happy again.

2. Allow Yourself To Be Sad. Don’t Fake It.

A lot of people try to ignore negative emotions and pretend that they’re happy. Most times, it’s because they’re trying to avoid the vulnerability that comes with showing your emotions. However, unless you allow yourself to feel those emotions, you’ll only “appear” to be happy. The worse part is, when you bottle up your feelings, you’ll cause yourself more pain.

Understand that genuine happiness doesn’t mean you must be happy every single day. Life is full of challenges that can make us feel sad from time to time. So let yourself grief, cry if you must, but don’t fake it.

3. Learn How To Be Happy Again By Living On Your Own Terms

First, you have to realize that you’re the only one standing in your way of happiness. It’s easy to make excuses and blame your unhappiness on certain events in your life. Although these events certainly caused sadness, you are the only one stopping yourself from being happy again. This can be difficult to admit, but once you accept it, it makes the whole process easier.

We all have different things that bring us happiness. What makes me happy may be different from what makes you happy. If you begin to chase other people’s definition of happiness, you will never learn how to be happy again. Ask yourself reflective questions to know what brings you happiness. This way, you’ll know what you need to do.

4. Do What Makes You Happy

Here are a few things you can do once you’ve been able to define what makes you happy:

  • Put your skills and abilities to good use. Look for projects that can help you utilize your unique abilities and skill set. If you don’t know what to do, focus on work that can help people in need, or do something that can put a smile on someone’s face. 
  • Immerse yourself in activities that you love. Go camping, read a book, listen to music, take yourself out, or get yourself something real nice. You’ll gradually get that glow back when you involve yourself in activities that you love. 
  • Focus on self-improvement. Work on improving yourself. Set short-term and long term goals and work towards achieving them. 
  • Have a positive perspective on your hardship. Have a positive outlook. Look for the best in every situation. See your hardships as a way of learning something new and being a better version of yourself. 

5. Have A Few Close Friends

Having a few close friends will show you how to be happy again. You don’t need lots of friends. All you need are a few close friends that will be there when you’re sad. It could be family members, your spouse, or a friend from work. Whatever the case, maintain a healthy relationship with your friends. Genuine friends will always be there to help you get back up when you fall. 

In the journey to attaining true happiness, realize that you can’t do it alone. We all need someone to talk to when we feel down and someone who will celebrate our wins with us. Spend time with people who love you just as much as you love them.

6. Having Realistic Expectations Will Help You Learn How To Be Happy Again

Be kind to yourself. Good things take time. You may not see major improvements with some of the goals you have set. However, if you focus too much on them, you’ll only deny yourself happiness. Take each day at a time and appreciate the slow and steady improvements you’re making. 

Having realistic expectations means that you have a balanced view of yourself and the progress you’re making. It means you appreciate the process and you’re not expecting instant progress with the long-term goals you’ve set. However, as long as you work towards achieving your goals, you’ll definitely see steady improvements.


The journey to attaining true happiness isn’t an easy one but it’s certainly achievable. Happy people still go through tough moments and there are times they are sad. However, you can make the most of your situation by focusing on the positives and doing things that can make you happy. Learn how to be happy again by following these few tips. Everyone deserves to be happy, so do you!

Have you had to deal with feelings of unhappiness? How were you able to cope? Feel free to share your experiences and thoughts by leaving a comment. 

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How To Be Happy Again-Great Ways To Find Joy In Your Life

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