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While success can come in varying degrees, it is the dream of every Nigerian to be successful. Call it the Nigerian dream if you want. So what does it take to become successful in Nigeria?

Being successful in Nigeria is a long road. However, this article will give you the necessary tips to achieve your dreams. Whether you want to know how to become famous in Nigeria or you simply want to be rich, the following tips will help you achieve this.

1.     Focus on a plan

have a plan on how to become successful in Nigeria
Have a Plan

Focus. Not many people understand this. I have largely met two types of people in Nigeria. One set has so many ideas. From simple ways to become rich in Nigeria to wonderful innovative projects, their ideas have no end.

The other set is devoid of ideas but has the burning desire to make money or become famous in Nigeria. Both sets of people are missing something really important-Focus

If you want to become successful in Nigeria, you have to focus on one plan. Focusing on one plan allows you to channel your energy to one idea. It allows to really spread your wings.

Having too many ideas can make you seem smart. However, in the long run, you will run out of steam. Not bothering to think of any ideas will only make you look like a dreamer.

So what’s one way you can focus on one plan?

Write down some ideas you think are most profitable. Narrow this down to two or three that you really like. That reduces your energy channels to those two or three ideas.

2.     Find the right business

Nigeria is made up of 200 million people. That’s a large market if you ask me. With the right skills and management skills, you can sell anything to this market.

However, you cannot be in every business. From capital to the need for labor, some markets might not be ideal.

You have to find the right business for yourself. That’s not all. You have to know how to succeed in doing business in Nigeria.

Talking about doing business, let’s look at something that’s also very important.

3.     The right dose of discipline and consistency

Do you have 1000 ideas a day? Do you have the ability to push even in the highest mountains? Well, that’s not enough.

Sometimes, all you need is consistency. You know, the daily drive even though you aren’t seeing results? Yes, that kind of consistency.

Discipline allows you to achieve so many things. It allows you to stick to your business plans. It also allows you to be disciplined in your spending. I have written a little article on how to reduce your spending habits. You might find it useful.

“Do you have 1000 ideas a day? Do you have the ability to push even in the highest mountains?

Well, That’s not enough”

4. Become successful in Nigeria by building your network

If you want to become a millionaire in Nigeria or become a celebrity, you have to build your network. Having a good network of people or “connections” is vital to getting ahead.

So how do you get these connections? Put yourself out there. Also, follow people on social networks. Ask them for advice. Also make sure you sound really genuine. Nigerians really like it when you massage their ego. We all know that.

Also, remember that building a vast network can take time. So put your head down and work on your connections.

5. Work Smart and become successful in Nigeria

Someone who puts a large number of clothes into the washing machine and someone who washes it himself both put in the effort. However, one works smart while the other just labors in vain.

Working smart saves you resources. It also gives you time to do more things. Bill Gates once said that he’ll rather employ a lazy man than a man who works hard. You know why?  A lazy man will find a way to do hard things the easy way.

Try to be smart always. You don’t always have to work yourself into the ground because you want to become successful in Nigeria.

Final Thoughts                     

Nigeria might be hard now and people might also not be happy. However, the market in Nigeria remains largely untapped.

Be the first person to unlock a new part of the economic sector in Nigeria.

What are your thoughts on becoming successful in Nigeria? Please share your thoughts!

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How to Become Successful in Nigeria

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