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As the holidays approach, it can get lonely. Thanksgiving and then Christmas. It’s always best to spend it with people you love and care about. So, what happens when you can’t do this? How do you deal with loneliness during the holidays while still enjoying the beauty that comes with it?

For so many reasons, lots of people find themselves alone during the holidays. With family and friends not being able to be with you at such a special time, it can be trying. Even introverts love having people around during this time and being on your own can be lonely. However, you don’t have to worry about it a lot. There are ways and things you can do to make it a lot more bearable. This way you feel less lonely even when you’re all by yourself.

Here are a few ways to prepare yourself for the holidays to feel a lot less lonely.

Prepare Yourself Mentally

The first thing you should do as the holidays approach is preparing yourself mentally especially if you know you’re going to be alone. Holidays tend to come with a lot of expectations and if these issues aren’t met, it could lead to anxiety and stress as well as low self-esteem, feeling of worthlessness, and eating disorders. Yes, people, seasonal depression is real.

A lot of pressure is put into holidays to ensure their perfection and when it doesn’t go right, it can affect a person mentally. So, preparing yourself for what is to come makes you a lot prepared. Well, what if you aren’t sure if you’d be lonely during the holidays? How do you know to prepare? Well, you read this and that’s the first step.

Keep in Touch with Friends And Family

You don’t have to be with people physically in order to keep in touch with them. You can always call them up and find out how they are doing. If they call you to be part of their holiday plans, consider it. Let’s say they’ll be throwing a holiday party and they ask you to come over. It’s a way to feel less lonely during the holidays.

You can offer to be part of planning the party as well as bringing a dish to contribute. One of the most fascinating things about Christmas is that it’s not just a time of reviving but also a time of giving. I guess that’s why it’s my favorite time of the year.

Don’t Just Sit In Your PJs Watching Holiday Movies

As fun as that might sound, it gets a lot tiring along the line. So be more proactive with your choices. You don’t have to be with your real family to feel at home. Make a list of people whose company you enjoy. Invite them over for a board games or plan a trip together.

There are lots of people who spend the holidays alone too. Yes, you’re not the only one. You can get together with them and plan some fun. As long as you enjoy their company and they enjoy yours, you’ll hardly feel loneliness creeping in.

Take Care of Yourself

You read that right. The holidays aren’t just for other people but yourself too. Do something you love. You can go on a hike go to the beach, go to a park, a museum or an aquarium. Something you’ve always wanted to try but never had the time to. The holidays is the best time to give it a shot.

You can also treat yourself to a day at the spa as a gift to yourself. Get a full body massage, get a facial and anything else. Just go and there and do what you would love doing. You can watch holiday movies at any other time.

Reflect on The Year

So many things happen during the course of a year. The good, the bad and the ugly. Reflecting on the year makes toy count your blessings and your loss. It brings back memories and gives you an insight of what to look forward to in the coming year. So do just that. Get out photo albums, look at your gallery on your phone, watch old videos and read old letters.

As sad as this might sound, you feel a lot better and clear headed afterwards. Seeing people you love can make you want to get on the phone and talk to them. And if they aren’t around anymore, you have a piece of them in your heart.

Remember, it’s Not All Receiving, Do A Little Giving.

You can give back to society one way or another during the holidays. How? Simple. Voltmeter at shelters and other establishments that help people. It really makes feel connected to people and the season. Join organizations that have a goal of helping people not just during the holidays but any other time of the year.

It gives you a sense of fulfillment and you don’t have to spend the holidays alone. No in fact this time you’re doing something even more beautiful.

Travel If You Can

Lots of people travel during the holidays travel to avoid feeling lonely or just outrightly searching for an adventure. You can do that too. Check your finances and if you can get away for a few days, then by all means do.

You can travel with friends or alone. It really doesn’t matter. You’ll have fun either way.

Take A Day at A Time

Don’t overthink it. Handle each day as it comes. Do things you love doing and if it’s just reading, sleeping, watching tv or playing a video game, do it. Then make plans for the next day. Enjoy your holidays as much as you can because it’s over before you know it.

Just because holidays can be very lonely doesn’t mean you should do it alone. Do what makes your heart beat faster and live in the moment.

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How to Deal with Loneliness During the Holidays

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