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Some people are blessed with the ability to stay organized. For other people like me, it’s a nightmare. For the past six years of my life, how to get organized has been clawing at me. Just ask my roommate in school, Mark. He has tolerated me for years. Well, he had no choice after all.

However, I have gotten better with time. I honestly wish I could show you all pictures. Since I can’t do that, I’m going to be giving everyone ten steps that can help you get organized and stay that way.

How do I stay organized?

Getting organized is quite easy. You just need a burst of energy and that’s it. However, staying organized is a bigger problem. Like a friend once told me, you just need some consistency. Well, that’s a half-truth. You actually need more than that.

Let’s find out

Have a Place for everything

The first thing you have to do is to have a place for everything. Those keys you always lose? It won’t get missing if you just kept it in a particular place all day.

I found this to be extra helpful. I also realized that anytime I drop my stuff where I had not mapped out as its permanent place, there was bound to be trouble.

So create a space where you drop your things immediately after use. You’ll find it easier to find them later on.

Get rid of the clutter

It’s very easy to accumulate clutter. This is easier if you are not one to be very interested in your environment.

If you have clutter everywhere in your home. It’s time to get organized. Sometimes, what may look so horrible to even look out can be solved with a bit of decluttering.

It’s not enough to declutter once in five months. Learn how to do this daily or weekly. It helps your house stay relatively neat and tidy.

It takes 21 days to form a new habit. So endure this out.


Try to always have a plan. I know it’s easier to just go with the flow. I’m guilty of that a lot. However, having a plan is way better.

The problem of how to get organized is really solved halfway by just having a plan. The other half is sticking to that plan.

That plan should have the entire week in focus. You need to have consistency to make this happen. Staying organized will become easier.

Getting organized means cleaning your home

You can’t get organized if you do not have a clean home. So take time out to actually clean your home. When you clean, make sure you always take the trash out. Seize the opportunity.

Are you having problems remembering to clean your home? Some apps can help. Most people find Evernote to be quite helpful in time management.

Work on Money management

If your disorganization extends to money issues, then you are just like me. I had this impulse to always spend more and more. However, this easily led to poor management of my funds, especially in school.

However, I long conquered that attitude. My parents even think I’m stingy now! So here’s what helped me do it- I used Piggyvest. The amount I have been able to save with Piggyvest is huge. They give 10% interest every month.

You can also use piggy vest for your target savings. Trust me, piggy vest is the king.

Take Care of your clothes

Like it or not, your clothes tell the story of who you are. So the first way to get organized is to take care of your clothes. There are many ways to do this. You can either just hang your clothes or fold them.

You shouldn’t fold your clothes in just any way. Try to match them up accordingly. At the end of the day, you will have a well-organized wardrobe.

Staying organized also means ironing them as soon as you do the laundry.

Get yourself a single morning routine

Being organized means having a tidy pattern. Having a good morning routine matches that description. So try to develop a good morning routine. I’d tell you the first step is to wake up early. This article on waking up early would be useful.

One of the best morning routines I know is making your bed once you wake up. It’s simply divine and satisfying. If you are looking for how to get organized, then making your bed will give you inner joy.

Love Organization

You cannot stay organized if you do not love it or want it badly. I know and actually agree that there is a disorganized organization. However, that’s just not right or healthy.

So my advice is that you love being organized. When you love something, chances are that you are going to work harder to achieve it.

So how do I become organized? Put in the effort and try your best to be consistent. It’s going to be a struggle but you will make it at the end of the day.

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How to get organized and stay that way- 8 Steps that can totally help

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