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Are you about to start life in your chosen career? If you are, then you’ll definitely want to be successful at what you do. One of the crucial factors to becoming successful is your networking skills.

In my country Nigeria, networking is better known as “connections” or “having leg”. Regardless of what you call it, it’s actually needed in all parts of the world. So how can you improve your networking skills? I’m going to show you how.

You should probably read until the end. Networking can be the difference between success and failure.

How to Improve Your Networking Skills

Your Mindset Has To Improve

The first thing you have to improve is your mindset. This works in two ways. First, you have to tell yourself and firmly believe that networking is possible. If you don’t, you will make very limited progress.

The next step is to actually understand what good networking is and what bad networking is. Putting on a false appearance or personality to impress someone is bad networking. If you want to meet someone and actually make a connection, you have to be genuine.

Just be yourself. If the person doesn’t interact the way you wanted, then maybe it’s time to find a new contact.

Conversational Skills                             

Now, you also have to be ready to actually converse. Conversational skills are crucial here. You have to find the right balance between spewing everything about yourself continually and actually listening.

I’d recommend that you spend more time listening and asking questions. That is the fastest way to get someone to actually feel connected to you.

As always, the key is to make it feel natural. Let it flow and really work hard to form a genuine relationship.

Set Goals and Targets

Now, you stand a good chance of losing gas halfway if you don’t set targets you want to meet. I’d recommend setting achievable short-term targets. You can set a target of how many people you’d want to meet in the future.

If possible, set a target of the number of conferences or seminars you are going to attend in the future. You just need to keep networking. There is nothing more important. Try to meet your goals and see the changes become evident.

Get Friends Not Just Contact Numbers When Networking

It’s easy to just take everyone’s number you get and store them for “safekeeping”. However, that won’t take you far when the chips are down. So prioritize making friends and not contacts.

Making a handful of friends can shoot you right up to success when compared to just having the contacts of more than 100 successful people.

The people who are going to pick up your calls when the time is right or recommend you is important.

Don’t Rush It

Never form relationships with the sole aim of getting something immediately. Look at the long game. It’s easier to rush it and look bad. However, learn patience. Try to meet people for the fun of it. In time, your opportunity will surely arise. You can also find out what your personality type is. This can help know your strengths and weaknesses.

Be sure to grab it when it does.

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How to Improve Your Skills at Networking

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