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Kissing is an art and unfortunately, not everyone who tries it gets it right the first time. Sometimes even more. You’re probably wondering the best ways to kiss. How to kiss and get it right? It doesn’t matter what gender; you can find out how to kiss anyone with these easy tips.

It doesn’t matter how good you are kissing. You can also take a few tips home. It’s never a bad thing to learn a thing or two to help you put in your next make-out session. The tricky thing about kissing is, you never forget to do it. Just because you’ve progressed to other bases, kissing makes it all the more fun. It requires skill, patience, attention and most importantly, understanding.

Kissing can make or break your foreplay. It can fire up your intimacy and take you places you never even imagined. So let’s get to it. What are the best ways to kiss? How to kiss and get it right?

Go Slow, Go Easy

When kissing someone, don’t just jump for the kill. You need to go slow, at least at first. Let the kiss come to you just as much as you’re going to it. Ease your way in. If you’ve never kissed before, you might be scared of falling flat on your face. Don’t. It makes you sloppy and all over the place.

Kissing is a lot more fun and intimate when they are sensual, slow, relaxed. Even if you plan on increasing the tempo sometime in the kiss, start slow and ease your way into a particular rhythm.

Be Tongue Conscious – Best Way to Kiss

Another thing you want to know when kissing is making proper use of your tongue. Don’t use too much tongue or no tongue at all. When you begin kissing someone, there’s no need introducing your tongue immediately. Wait until things become more intense. Before you learn to kiss with your tongue, understand how to kiss with just your lips.

When it’s finally time to bring in your tongue, start gently. Don’t just throw it in. Gently touch that of your partner’s and let your tongues play with each other.

Don’t Put Too Much Pressure

You don’t need that much pressure when you’re kissing someone. Don’t use too much force or you could end up biting your partner or yourself. You could also end up bumping your teeth together. There’s nothing sensual about a kiss with too much pressure.

There’s no denying that a make out session can require varying intensity for a kiss. Know when to be slow and gently and when you put in a little more effort.

Use Your Hand/Body – Best Way to Kiss

One of the best ways to kiss someone is using your hands, Responding with your body. Don’t just use your lips. It gets boring. So, when next you’re kissing, use your hands to touch your partner on the arms, neck, shoulder etc. you can run your hands up and down their backs and pull them closer.

You can also push your body up against theirs. Let them feel you just as much as you feel them. Don’t just focus on kissing the lip, break the kiss every once in a while. Run kisses down their necks, their ears and even more parts. Depends on the person and just how far you’ve come.

Be Sexy and Spontaneous

Locking lips is important yes, but there’s more to kissing than that. The best way to kiss is finding ways to tease your partner. Break the kiss to look into their eyes, tell them something exciting. Place tiny kisses by the corner of their mouths, run your thumb across their lower lip.

Tell them the way you feel and things you’d like to do to them. Do this while softly brushing your lips over theirs. It never fails in a make-out session.

Find What Works for You – Best Way to Kiss

Everyone has a kissing pattern even if they realize it or not. Find your strengths and work greatly with it. Find your weakness and work on it just as much. Don’t be shy, confidence places a huge role when kissing or making out.

Ease into the kiss and study your partner. Their response also matters. It’s like a free guide you shouldn’t overlook if you want to be kissing them again. Never feel a bad kiss is always your fault. Practice and take the lead if your partner isn’t go good.

How to Kiss The Right Way?

Everything mentioned above can help you be a better kisser. Make use of your hands. Your eyes and your body. Use your words but don’t talk too much. Make eye contact. Give light and feathery kisses. Be sexy and spontaneous. Don’t forget about kissing once your clothes are off, it just ruins all the work you put in.

With these tips, you’ll be kissing like a pro in no time.

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How To Kiss: Best Way to Kiss and Get It Right

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