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Listen up, Ladies. Nigerian relationships are hard enough. Now imagine you met a really cool guy and you are already dreaming of wedding bells. Then you find out he lives in Ikorodu with two children and a pregnant wife. Mogbe! How to know if a Nigerian man is married or single is hard enough as you all know.

Nigerian men make it so difficult to pinpoint their relationship status. So how do you know if the Nigerian man that has been texting you is single or taken?

Here are some interesting tips

How to know if a Nigerian man is married

Look for the lighter patch on his finger

Now, if the Nigerian man you have been talking is not available, a lighter patch on his finger should be visible.

This lighter patch tells you that a ring has made that finger their own and probably a wife too. So when next you have a Yoruba demon smiling at you, resist the temptation and look at his finger.

Look for the ring on another finger

Nigerian men are dangerous o. If you see a marriage ring on another finger, don’t just ignore it. Look at the ring really well. It could just be his way of satisfying his wife at home and still looking single.

My dear, it’s time to run!

Pot Belly and Baldness

How to know if a Nigerian man is married
Pot belly is no go area

The man is telling you he’s not married. Yet, he has the biggest potbelly you have seen. The potbelly jingles when he laughs. He also has no hair. Ah, my sister. Run before you enter one chance.

I know it’s a personal decision but why would you be with such a man anyway?

Women things everywhere in his house

He’ll probably claim that his sister is around. Here, you have two options. Subtly ask to see this supposed sister or run away. Most times, his wife is just not around.

Leaving will be better than to chop beating.

He doesn’t want you to visit him

A man is usually proud of his home. So if he does not want you to come to his house, be afraid. He’ll probably have a wife or a girlfriend.

What on earth does he have to hide anyway? Especially as the months pass. You should insist on seeing his house or just take a walk.

Lastly, Look up his name online

Just look up his name online if you have any doubt. Look everywhere. If you see him with three kids and a wife beaming, then start packing. If you see a quote saying “happy birthday to my dear husband”, the game is over.

Please don’t go and be a preacher of war with a man that’s married. It’s not just worth it. We take God beg you.

Final Thoughts on how to know if a Nigerian man is married

Finally, don’t let love blind you. If you want to know when a Nigerian man really loves you, I recommend you check out this article.

Be the smart one. No leave, No Transfer.

Do you have more ways to know if a man is married? Please share it with us!

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How to know if a Nigerian man is married or single

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