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  1. I think respect is the ultimate. A Woman who respects herself tends to get respect from her man , and vice versa (in most cases). When there is respect and good communication, the relationship will move to the next level.

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Nigerian men. If you are a lady, so many things come to mind just thinking of what a Nigerian Man symbolizes. Nigerian men are highly controversial, especially among females.

For most Nigerian ladies, entering into a relationship in Nigeria is now a dangerous game. It’s hard to know if a Nigerian man is really in love with you or if you are just “our wife” to his friends.

Fortunately, there are several ways to pinpoint just when a guy is playing you, and when he is really in love with you.

Let’s talk about some of them

He actually discusses with you about the future

Now, let’s be honest. No Nigerian man will happily discuss his future with you. In fact, you are more likely to hear him say “you and your husband will enjoy oo” even when you are still with him.

So if a Nigerian guy actually listens and contributes to a wedding or future kid’s discussion, there might be hope. At least small hope.

Your Nigerian Man actually picks you over video games

A Nigerian Man Loves his video games

This might be funny but you have actually struck gold if he does this. If there are 100 Nigerian men, only 10 will do this for you. We all know Nigerian men love their game time. Really, the only time that rivals this for most Nigerian men is the actual football or sex.

So if he picks up your call to even tell you he will call you back later, you can start smiling.

He shows you Respect

Sometimes, Nigerian men can be so full of themselves. Okay, maybe most of the time. So if you are getting respect from your Nigerian partner, then you might just be in the right relationship.

What are the signs that he respects you? He takes your opinions seriously. He defends you a lot to his friends. Also, he actually listens and remembers what you say. Girl… that’s a keeper.

Your Nigerian Man allows you to meet His Family

Most Nigerian men even the players place a very high emotional value on their family. Meeting his family officially is a very big step. Heck, even meeting any new member of his family is a great start. That is unless his family members are all into the game. Then you’re screwed.

Seriously though, meeting his family is even on a higher pedestal than meeting your family. Trust me, Nigerian men can meet your family and still take off the day after the marriage introduction.

He takes your issues seriously and remains by your side

A Nigerian Man is at peace without issues
Nigerian Men hates women issues

Yes, you heard it. Women have issues. Most men find these issues very difficult to comprehend. Sometimes, these issues can be as a result of your period setting in or even wanting more attention.

Despite his confusion and sometimes frustration, he still calls you or picks your call after a fight. He even apologizes! Most Nigerian men will never apologize. It’s not just in their dictionary!

He lets you in on his finances

To every Nigerian man, money is an important topic. It massages their ego and makes them feel good. They guide their finances very closely especially with someone they do not trust.

If a Nigerian man actually likes you and lets you in, you’d probably hear more about his finances. He’ll want to talk to you and even get some advice. If he has bad spending habits, he might even ask for advice.

A Nigerian Man can leave you on your wedding day
Nigerian Men are very unpredictable

Just remember though- You could see all these signs and a Nigerian man will still leave you on your wedding day. You could also find out he’s marrying your best friend.

Bottom Line on finding a good Nigerian Man

Look for the signs and watch out for the red flags. If the good signs are all present, pray that nothing changes. With a bit of fortune, you can still end up with the man of your dreams.

What do you think? Share your comments and experiences below!

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How to know if a Nigerian Man loves you

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