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Learning how to make anyone miss you can be difficult because people are completely unpredictable. However, that could be what you want to do and it’s perfectly fine. They say absence makes the heart grow fonder. You might just want a little more enthusiasm when he sees you next time. But first, you have to make him miss you. That way everything down to the kiss comes with extra passion and emotions. So how do you make a man miss you like crazy?

In order to make a man miss you, especially Nigerian men, who are so used to concealing their feelings, you might need to put in a little extra work. Don’t worry, you’re not crazy for wanting this.

That extra passion from your first meeting after a while of missing you helps. It helps with so much such as keeping your relationship together. That’s right. It can and it will as long as you’re doing it right.

There are other benefits too. You get to have time for yourself. Do things you want to do alone. Give him time to attend to his own activities and boom… you guys are craving and needing each other again. Let me elucidate further.

How to get a man craving your attention

1. Be that person a man can miss like crazy

You can’t miss something you aren’t enjoying or having fun with in the first place. So before you decide to go AWOL, make him fall in love with your company. Make him laugh, be kind to him, build memories with him, have an actual fun relationship. Be that seraphic figure to him. Make him nice meals from time to time. You can also be real with him and call him out for things he does wrong.

All this build-up to love and need. That way when you’re not around, he actually notices. This is the very first step in making him miss you.

2. Don’t choke him with your presence and give room for your man to miss you

In relationships, women tend to be the ones who are lovey-dovey always. They want you to cuddle them to bed. They want you to kiss them before you leave the house. They want the kiss again when you come back. Sometimes they can go overboard and just want too much. Men, on the other hand, tend to be more taciturn. They are quieter and less talkative in relationships.

This could be because they need more space. If you need you man to miss you like crazy, give him a healthy amount of space. Don’t always be at his place. Don’t run to his house whenever he calls you. In a situation where you live together, try doing separate activities. Not only does it make you miss one another, but it also gives you a new story to tell each other.

3. Don’t be faster than your shadow

You know how a relationship starts and you tell him everything about yourself?. Even before you know his date of birth? Tone that down. You’re on a path to self-destruction. Don’t be the one to move the relationship to the next step always. No that’s not good.

Don’t stay over every night. avoid calling him every single time you see your phone. Decide to visit him and stay over only on weekends. Take control of that instead. In shorter and simpler words, set your boundaries.

This way whenever you’re around, he gets to appreciate every moment. And in turn, miss you a lot when you’re not around.

4. Leave space for suspense to get a man missing you like crazy

This applies to when you start dating or begin the “talking” phase of a relationship. You’re getting to know one another. Don’t just let him get to know you, get to know him too. Don’t blurt out everything on the first date. Leave room for suspense. No one, absolutely no one misses something they can predict.

There’s no doubt telling someone things about yourself is fun but don’t move too fast. It’ll bite you in the face and he won’t have the chance to miss you like crazy. Let him see there’s more to you and he would want to see you again.

5. Don’t be bent on him missing you like crazy

If that’s your main aim and you chase it unhealthily, then instead of missing you like crazy, he’ll think you are crazy. Don’t be a vacuous person and add substance to your relationship. Also don’t just go AWOL without creating this substance. He’ll just think you aren’t interested and just move on.

If you’re in a relationship, he might just think you’re cheating or falling out of love. Ironic when all you need was a little more enthusiasm.


These steps are very easy to practice. To make a Nigerian man miss you, or any other man for that matter, make it worth it. He’ll be calling and asking to see you sooner than you realize.

Which of these have you tried before or are willing to? What other way do you think can make a man miss you like crazy. Remember to let us know in the comments below.

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How To Make a Man Miss You Like Crazy

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