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Coconut rice is often called Jollof Rice, but with a twist. It is appreciated in different households and people of all ages love it. You can see the surprised look on your visitors’ faces when they see something that looks like Jollof rice but has a unique taste.  

There are different variations of coconut rice but we are going to focus on Jollof Coconut Rice in this article.

A lot of people have confusing interpretations when it comes to Coconut Rice, but it’s not as difficult or as tricky as they feel. This article will teach you all you need to know about coconut rice. We’re going to look at how to obtain coconut milk before making the coconut rice proper.


Let’s delve in.

How to Obtain Coconut milk for the Nigerian Coconut Rice

Items needed

  1. 1 coconut
  2. Grater/Blender
  3. Warm water
  4. Knife
  5. Hammer (or any other tool used for breaking)
  6. Sieve

Procedure to obtain the milk for the Coconut Rice

  1. Use the hammer or any other breaking tool, and remove the meat from the shell.
  2. Wash the meat carefully and cut to small pieces
  3. Use the grater to shred the coconut meat, or you can place in a blender, add small warm water (it has to be enough to rotate the blades), and blend till it’s completely smooth and pasty. A blender is more effective than a grater.
  4. Pour the milk and chaff into the sieve (with very tiny holes so that no chaff can escape). Squeeze the chaff so that all the milk can come out completely.
  5. You can add more warm water so that you can keep on squeezing the chaff till everything comes out.
  6. Repeat this step until the milk becomes pale. However, don’t add too much water as the rice may be overcooked. Add the warm water sparingly.

Now that you know how to obtain coconut milk, let’s delve into the business of the day

Ingredients needed for the Coconut Rice

  1. Long-grain parboiled rice (3 cups)
  2. Tomato stew (500 mls)
  3. Chicken (drumsticks or whole)
  4. Coconut milk (650 mls)
  5. Salt
  6. Chili pepper
  7. Thyme (1 tablespoon)
  8. 1 Onion (medium-size)
  9. 3 stock cubes

Pre-preparatory steps

  1. Ensure your tomato stew is ready before use. It’s encouraged that you prepare the stew beforehand, so that you just add it to the rice when cooking.
  2. If you’re going with a whole chicken, cut it to your preferred size. Put these pieces in a point and cover with water. Add stock cubes, salt, chopped onions, and thyme, and start cooking. When it’s ready, bring the pot down. Take the chicken and place in a sieve until the water is completely drained. Then fry with vegetable oil or grill in the oven.
  3. Parboil the rice, wash, and set aside.

Preparatory steps

  1. Get a big pot to accommodate the rice when it increases in size. Add the chicken stock, tomato stew, and coconut milk, and allow to boil on medium heat. Then add the parboiled rice, pepper and salt. If you must, increase the water to reach the same level as the rice, so that everything cooks at the same time.
  2. Close the pot and place the mixture on medium heat to avoid rice burnup.
  3. Serve with Moi-Moi, Fried plantain, coleslaw, or salad.  

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How to Make Nigerian Coconut Rice

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