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How to make your boyfriend happy is very important. It keeps the relationship going because he feels loved just as much as you do. You might think of following movies but that doesn’t always apply in real life. That’s because real relationships have real problems.

There are things you need to know in real life about your boyfriend. The way he reacts to things and the way he likes to be touched. How his face lights up when he sees something that makes him happy. And here’s how his eyes tell every other thing about him.

Not a lot of women care enough to make their boyfriends happy as they feel the world revolves around them. This is why most relationship fails. Even your boyfriend deserves to feel loved and wanted. Never forget this and you shall know peace.

Here are 5 important tips on how to make your boyfriend happy.

Pay Him Compliments and Show Him Appreciation

Men are heavily deprived of compliments, that’s why you pay them a compliment once and they think about it forever. Compliment your boyfriend frequently. Tell him he looks good, smells good, feels good, etc. As much as you would think men are more secure than women, they actually aren’t.

They also appreciate being assured from time to time that they matter. Their haircut looks nice. You like the new shirt they bought or the new sneakers they have on their foot. Even if it’s an old shirt he wears in the house, randomly compliment him on how he looks and see how much that makes him happy.

How To Make Your Boyfriend Happy – Appreciate and Support Him?

Appreciate your boyfriend for the big and little things he does in and out of the house. Make him feel he’s doing his best and he shouldn’t give up on things. Be his biggest cheerleader and hold his hand every step of the way. Life isn’t just hard on you; it is on him too. He has his challenges he’s trying to overcome, be by his side just as he’s by yours.

Even if he works from home, he probably does a lot when you’re not around. Tell him thank you for changing the lights, making you breakfast, getting you lunch/coffee. Show him that you see his efforts. How to make your boyfriend happy? Show him your appreciation. Let him know you understand how hard it can be. You see him, you acknowledge him and most importantly, you support him.

Make Him Feel Wanted In The Bedroom

How to make your boyfriend happy, appreciate him in the bedroom. Even if he’s not the Christian Grey you fantasized about before. Let him know you appreciate the work he puts in and mean it. He doesn’t have to live up to anyone. He just has to satisfy you and himself and that’s it. You can always teach him to prevent yourself from lying.

Cultivate a healthy desire for him and see how that changes everything. You can even act spontaneously by visiting a hotel room. Or going the more risky way such as in a tent in the woods or anywhere else in your home that isn’t your bedroom. You should also know you don’t owe him this. Only do so because you want to.

Let him know the part of his body you love so much. Decide to fantasize about him. Send him risky photos. Be spontaneous but intentional.

How To Make Your Boyfriend Happy – Buy Him Gifts?

Just as much as you love presents, he loves them too. When getting something for yourself, get for him too. It’s the little things that count. Getting yourself new shoes, you can get him one too. Getting yourself a cup of coffee, get for him too. Making breakfast, make some for him too. It doesn’t have to be an expensive gift if you can’t afford it.

It’s always the thought that counts. Telling him things such as “I got this for you” “hey I got one for you too” makes him feel important. It shows you thought of him. How to make your boyfriend happy? Do this.

How to Make Your Boyfriend Happy – Have His Time

Make out time for him. Go on dates with him. Look him in the eyes. Put your laptop or phone down and have an actual conversation with him. Looking at his eyes make you understand how he reacts to certain things. This makes it easier to do every other thing on the list. Don’t be too busy for him.

Hold his hands with both your hands and look into his eyes. Talk to him and listen to what he has to say. Let him tell you about his day. Things that has been troubling him. Just as much as he wants to hear about yours, I bet he wants to tell his too. How to make your boyfriend happy? Put in the effort.

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How to Make Your Boyfriend Happy

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