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  1. Create a routine like I did, part of which is to wake daily by 5am, study my books a bit, and do a little of my project…but I end up waking at 7 or 8, and being on my phone till late. I even set alarm but all I do is get up, end it and go back to sleep.
    How do I catch up with routine

    • You adjust the routine to fit your time. You don’t necessarily have to do a particular activity in the morning, afternoon or evening. Let your routine start from when you usually wake up and end when you usually go to bed.

  2. This is helpful.thank you. And yea the workout routine works real well, you could add dancing to it, but in all thanks for this piece

  3. I had to first struggle with my inverted sleeping pattern which I’m still working on till now. At some point I’d be awake throughout the night and start sleeping in the day time😅. Thank you for these tips too

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The lockdown and isolation have been pretty difficult for the average Nigerian for various reasons. But we are going to focus on those losing their mental health. This could be due to the restriction of movement and the fear of the unknown. Lots of people have had their anxiety triggered and the others are hoping not to. So the question is, how can you maintain your sanity, irrespective of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and the lockdown?.

The thoughts go on and on. The questions never stop rolling out of the tongue. “When will this be over?” “I hope it’s just 2 weeks and everything will be back to normal” “the back of my head is flat from lying down all day” etc. All these thoughts and assumptions cannot and will not let you live. Here are a few ways to ensure your sanity is in check when all this is over.

Accept there is no time frame for the lockdown

Instead of asking yourself when you can go outside to be with your friends, or when the two weeks will be over, understand it might take time. That’s right, the lockdown may and would definitely be extended till the curve is flattened or something positive comes our way to fight this virus. But instead of panicking about to Coronavirus and the lock-down, accept that it is for your own good. You are keeping yourself, your family, and unassuming strangers from contracting this virus by staying home. Come to terms with the fact you’re doing the right thing and possibly saving the world the little way you can.

Stay connected to your family and friends

Just because you can’t touch them doesn’t mean you can’t feel their presence. You can call them from time to time to check up. Engage in conversations or just as little as an “I hope you’re OK” text. Not only does it put you at ease, but it also makes them feel better too. Of course, this isn’t a period to test who loves you or who doesn’t as everyone is trying to figure themselves out. However there nothing wrong with reaching out and making sure those closest to your heart are safe.

Avoid Fake News

Fake news kills people faster than lightening. Maybe not physically but mentally and emotionally. Avoid the WhatsApp broadcast messages from our Nigerian parents, aunties, and uncles. But also remember to educate them on how wrong the information is with adequate data of course. This saves you from overthinking and saves them too. Before believing something, conduct your own research. It is also a good way to pass time.

Be active

Be active in the littlest way you can during the nationwide lockdown. There is absolutely no pressure to workout but flex your muscles regardless. You can walk around the house, stretch every morning and evening, and add any other workout you can do at home.

Just don’t lay in bed all day because it gives way to overthinking and that can make you create false scenarios in your head.

Create a routine for the lockdown

A routine gives you something to look forward to the next day. Making breakfast, watching a movie, taking a nap, etc. A routine may get tiring after a few days but the good news is that you can always switch it up. It’s yours and you control it. You might not have control over the virus but be sure you can have control over your life and sanity.


Remember to take every day as it comes. Don’t constantly remind yourself the lockdown would end next week or next month. It’s OK to break down from time to time. Cry if you must but pick yourself up because no one else can. And last but definitely not least, breathe and stay safe.

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How to preserve your sanity during the nationwide lockdown

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