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‘How to survive in Nigeria’ is probably one of the most indirectly asked questions in this country. People ask this because of the dire economic situation that has distorted lives and businesses economically.

We can’t say that we are proud of this country’s achievements, and we try to pacify our sufferings by saying that there is a better hope for the country

Is there?

We can’t say. But for now, let’s look at ways we can survive in Nigeria

1. You must have a power bank

If you don’t have a power bank in Nigeria, you’re not ready.

Power supply is epileptic in Nigeria despite several governmental affirmations. They have transformed it from NEPA to PHCN, still there is no result. You need a power bank to charge your mobile devices, so that you can stay abreast with what’s happening in the world.

If you don’t, you’ll be living in stone age. Lots of things can happen when you’re not in touch.

2. Reduce foreign purchases

We should not be so amazed with dollar-priced purchases, especially fashion items. The transfer rates and deductions can be outrageous sometimes, not to mention the exchange rates. There are a lot of Nigerian-based companies or stores that can give you the same work at a reduced rate.

Reduce foreign purchases unless absolutely necessary.

3. Have friends that love parties

This is one of the most underrated things ever.

You can’t live on an island in Nigeria. You need the best of friends to survive. One of such friends is one that loves parties and knows the part of town that’s bubbling.

These friends can come to your aid on days when you’re hungry and broke by dragging you to a friend’s party. You don’t have to know the person. All you’re interested in is the food and saving money.

4. I pass my neighbour generator

This is one of the answers to ‘how to survive in Nigeria’.

You need a standard ‘I pass my neighbour generator’ in addition to the power bank. These generators are lifesavers, especially when electricity poles fall down or transformers develop faults and it takes technicians over 5 years to fix it.

The good thing about this generator is that it uses little fuel. Once turned on, iron as many clothes as you can, and charge your mobile devices and power bank, so that you can walk on the streets with your chest.

5. Heat resistance

The heat in Nigeria is unbearable. It feels like a punishment on some days.

You need big rechargeable fans to help you on days like this. You might also need to get those small electric hand fans if possible. it will also help you to sleep peacefully and wake up early.

Nigeria’s heat has nothing on you when you do.

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How to Survive in Nigeria: The Ultimate Guide

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