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Lagos traffic is one of the reasons Nigerians are scared of moving to that place. But would you blame it?

Lagos is the commercial capital of Nigeria and home to over 25 million Nigerians. It is the headquarters of lots of multinational companies, so people see the place as a land of milk and honey. But what happens when you move there and find the place to be a land of sweat, tears and early morning rushes?

Lagos is the king of traffic congestions because of its overpopulation. Matters became worse when the state government banned ‘okada’ and tricycles, aka ‘keke napep’.

We get your plea. There is nothing fascinating about staying in traffic for hours. Here is a guide that will help you cope with the situation

How to Survive Lagos Traffic

1. Leave your house early

Lagos traffic isn’t your friend, so you must learn to leave your home before rush hours. Lagos is excessively congested, so if you leave your house by 6am for an 8am appointment, you may get there at 11am due to traffic. Save yourself the stress and leave early.

Fortunately, Lagos runs on a 24/7 economy, so even if you leave your house by 4am, you can get a ride to wherever you’re going to.

We are grateful to Uber and Bolt.

2. Music should be your best friend in Lagos Traffic

You can’t completely avoid Lagos traffic. You will most likely meet it when you return. Enjoy the traffic with sweet, soothing music that helps you forget your present ‘squeezed’ condition.

If you’re driving alone, feel free to increase your music to the appropriate volume. However, you are advised to keep it at a level where you can hear sirens or car honks. If you’re using public transportation, headsets or earpieces always come in handy.

3. Enjoy Lagos traffic with Movies

There’s no better way to enjoy Lagos traffic than watching movies on your phone or streaming them on Netflix.

You can comfortably finish at least two movies before you get home.

4. Stay abreast with latest happenings

What better place to listen to news than in traffic? It distracts you from your present reality.

If you’re driving, you can tune into a local radio station for their morning news. Most radio stations have news hour sessions between 5am and 10am. So, you’re just in time.

If you aren’t a fan of radio news and you’re not on the wheel, there are several online sources for current affairs, and both national and world news. Also, stay abreast on trends in topics that you love. It can be sports, crypto, fashion, beauty and lifestyle, etc.

5. Read a book

Most people complain that they don’t have time to read books, but that’s just an excuse.

Let’s do a tiny analysis now, shall we?

Research has shown that a Lagosian spends minimum of two hours on the road due to traffic, on average. We are going to base our assumptions on workday-weeks. So, it’s estimated that you spend 10 hours a week on the road because of traffic, on average.

You end up spending 40 hours in a month. In a year, you spend 480 hours. Remember that we didn’t include weekends. So, on average, you spend 3 weeks stuck in traffic yearly. Why don’t you utilize that time and learn something new?

There are lots of amazing books to choose from and insights to gain. Don’t miss out…

Remember to remain calm

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How to Survive Lagos Traffic

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