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‘How to win a man’s heart’ is often asked by a lot of Nigerian girls.

They say the road to a man is through his stomach. While we aren’t going to debate about the level of truthfulness in that statement, it is very obvious that everybody loves good food.

Men don’t joke with the quality of their food, especially the native ones. Knowing how to cook good meals isn’t a prerequisite to a happy home, but you’re sure to have a special place in your man’s heart because he’s always looking forward to your meals

Before trying to prepare the world for him, I think you should also look at some of the biggest turn-offs for men, because some men may be turned off by your actions while you’re simply wasting your time trying to please them.

Without further ado, let’s delve into business, shall we:

1. How to win a man’s heart: Jollof Rice

Ah! The undisputed, the unbeaten, the unburdened!

This is one delicacy that Nigerians don’t joke with, and it’s a special component of almost every Nigerian party, be it weddings, birthday, anniversaries, etc.

Your work is done if you learn how to prepare jollof rice with chicken/fried rice, salad and fingers of plantain, then serve it with cold water or juice.

If you add moi-moi (the one with egg), ah! Forget it! No special package can beat this one.

2. Egusi Soup and Pounded Yam/Garri

This is another perfect Nigerian dish that stands the test of time. Nothing beats Egusi soup filled with assorted beef, chicken and stock fish.

Ah! My stomach is already turning.

3. Edikaikong soup

This is one of the best native soups in Nigeria. Argue with your ancestors.

Not only is it delicious, but it’s also healthy and filling. You will not longer bother about ‘how to win a man’s heart’ by the time you’re done with this food.

Learn to prepare this dish today and you’d be glad you did.

4. Pepper soup

Do you want to know how to win a man’s heart? Then this is your plug.

You may be wondering, “but peppersoup is too plain”

The beautiful thing about this is that it’s very versatile. The most popular types are chicken, beef, fish, and goat meat pepper soup. You can either eat it alone, or pair it with yam, rice, or boiled plantain.

The good part? It’s ridiculously easy to make.

5. Porridge Yam

Ah. This food is so underrated. Highly underrated.

It is absolutely delicious, especially if it’s prepared with enough crayfish, meat/chicken stock, and filled with lots of dried fish, and a protein source on top.

Ah! Forget. Your man will take you to London, Dubai, Paris, and any other place you want to travel to.

6. Fried rice

This is another popular food that a lot of people enjoy. Jollof rice is usually served alongside fried rice at occassions. You can serve it with fried fish, chicken, or beef then top it with cold water or juice.

You’ll know how to win a man’s heart after he is done with this sumptuous meal.

6. Porridge beans and ripe plantain

Where are my beans lovers in the house?

If your man loves beans, this is the best way to show him love and make him happy. The ripe plantain will make the food taste better. Don’t forget to add a rich protein source.

7. White rice and tomato stew

This is a very common Nigerian dish that most people take every day. It shouldn’t be taken for granted nevertheless. Learn to make this dish and he will appreciate it.

Disclaimer: These foods came out top on the list after a poll was taken. Kindly leave a comment below if you feel any other food should be added.

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How to Win a Man’s Heart: Prepare these 8 Nigerian Dishes

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