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Have you ever wanted to talk to somebody so much that you decided to send them a double text? It can’t hurt right? You’re just showing how much you care. But is double texting a bad thing? Most times we let our emotions blind us. We care too much for people who don’t care at all.

Double texting can be viewed in various ways by so many people. Some people have no shame in it. While some people don’t even think about it enough to have a ground. However, some people would rather count a bowl of grains than double text first.

So, is double texting a bad thing? It depends on who you’re double texting. There could be various reasons why a person hasn’t texted you back. Some of these reasons include:

They Are Busy

Using busy as an excuse to not text someone has been faulted by many. Because people truly believe that if you really care about someone, you make out time. I personally stand with this school of thought. Do you know how no matter how busy you are, you always have time for your family? That’s because you love them. But for some reason, you’re always too busy for someone else trying their best for you? If you notice you’re double texting people who don’t care about you, stop. You’re pouring water on a rock.

They Are Going Through A Lot

Double texting is not exactly a terrible thing because you don’t know what the other person is going through. Sometimes people might be too anxious to send you a message. Or they could be in a terrible time in their lives where even simple things such as texting can be lost.

First of all, let me explain what double texting is for those who don’t understand.

Double texting is a slang used when you text somebody one too many times. It applies a lot when you keep texting then till they reply. Sometimes they don’t and you’re left waiting for the reply. When they don’t reply, you do the next thing that pops into your head. That’s right, text them again and again. It’s usually applicable when it’s someone you are romantically interested in. This is a reason it tends to hurt twice as much. So is double texting bad? Well, you should know it usually only occurs when they aren’t interested in you. When they are losing interest in you. When the conversation is about to die. And maybe, just maybe because you are boring them.

Is Double Texting Bad? – How Long Do I Wait Before Sending A Double Text?

Well before sending another text, you should wait 3-5 hours. No matter how much your fingers itch you to text. No matter how interested you are in this person. The thing about double texting is that it could show how desperate you are. And people tend to stay away from that. You don’t want to start a relationship where you’re at the losing end even before it kickstarts. That’s just terrible.

Other reasons why you shouldn’t send a double text include;

  • They could find it very annoying. So, seeing your messages tend to do the opposite of what you’re hoping for.
  • You can ruin the relationship even before it starts. It can ruin what could have been the perfect date. Now you’re left on read. Practically talking to yourself
  • There’s no going back with double texting. Once you hit send, that’s it. Even if you decide to unsend the messages which some apps allow, they’d still get the notification. So technically, they know you sent a message. Deleting and unsending it just makes it worse.

Are There Pros to It?

The good news is yes. Double texting can only be bad for some people and great for other people. People who double text are hardly boring. Plus, it shows how much they care and try to keep the conversation alive. Not everyone would appreciate this but that doesn’t mean no one would. It also shows just how much you are into the person which is amazing.

Another pro to double texting is that you can eliminate nervousness. You can make the other people feel quite at ease too. If you’re someone who is scared of texting, frequently double texting can eliminate that feeling but remember to tread carefully.

And lastly, as bad as double texting might be, you know you did your part. The relationship might not work out because of your double texts but never because you didn’t care or try.

How Do I Stop Double Texting?

If you want to stop doing this, you have to practice. If you’re used to it, the urge would always be there. But for the sake of self-respect, you need to let go of urge. A good way to know how to stop double texting is by learning the simple etiquette of texting. This helps you prevent yourself from looking like a desperate person.

Only result to double texting if you’re worried and it’s not something you frequently do. Before sending another text, wait for at least 5 hours. If you send the text again and they don’t reply, let it die a natural death. Don’t force things. The more messages you send, the worse it becomes.

So is it a bad thing? It is but it doesn’t have to be.

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Is Double Texting A Bad Thing? Know This First

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