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I remember when one of my friends met this girl way back. He felt it was love at first sight. He just couldn’t shake it. Unfortunately, things never worked out. Yet, it begs the question that most people dismiss as impossible or just infatuation. Is there really anything like love at first sight? Yes, there is and science seems to agree.

If you stick around for a while, I’ll give you four reasons why love at first sight is seemingly real.

It’s the Brain Making Us Feel Silly

Just like most emotions in the body, the brain is firmly in control. Well, when it comes to love and attraction, it seems even the brain loses some control!

According to a trusted neuropsychotherapist, chemicals are the main reasons why we feel like we are in love. They get into our brains and complicate everything. When this happens, your brain releases some form of dopamine.

That’s the same chemical released when addictive drugs or habits are formed. By simply looking into the other person’s eyes, this process can start. That’s not all.

The more this happens, the more the brain becomes attached to the other person. Crazy right?

Your Brain Knows If It Will Fall In Love in Seconds

“I immediately knew she was the one”. You know the cheesy love stories we hear every day? Turns out that it might be true after all!

The brain can tell if you will want a relationship with this person within seconds of seeing them. Ever wondered why you are drawn to someone and not to another? That’s the brain working its magic.

This opens up the possibility of “love at first sight”.

Love at First Sight Is Not Fully Developed Love but It’s Still Love

When you think about love, you are probably thinking of developed love. The love that is sure and willing to take all the risks for the other person.

Well, love at first sight is not that deep. It’s more of the first embers of love. This love is seemingly just surface level and will probably go away (or lead to obsession).

Love at First Sight Is Curiosity and a Taste to Leave a Lasting Impression

When you meet someone, you usually want to be polite and all nice. If it’s a celebrity, you might be a bit nervous. With love at first sight, it seems to be a bit different. Butterflies, feeling queasy and sparks of electricity have often been touted as normal feelings.

Love at first sight also leaves that feeling of wanting to find out everything you can about them. You are fascinated with them and just want to talk to them again (sounds like infatuation to me though!)

The Thin Line between Love at First Sight and Infatuation

Are love and infatuation one and the same? The answer is no and just by a small margin if you ask me.

To me, they sound really familiar. However, I can say this from what I have seen and probably researched. For most people, infatuation is just an attraction that goes away. Some people who are infatuated might not really think about the person a lot after they lose contact.

They might also never really have a conversation with the person. Its attraction and just that. Many people who talk about love at first sight feel like they could talk to this person about seemingly anything even on the first day.

To them, it seems like they had known the person forever. While I don’t believe in love at first sight, the majority of people and science seem to disagree.

That must count for something.                                       

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Is There Anything Like Love At First Sight?

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