Living in Nigeria-10 Things Every Nigerian can relate to


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Living in Nigeria is a blessing and a curse at the same time. We are just blessed with so many things and yet so flawed. However, living in Nigeria can be fun for many reasons. Here at 9javillage, we are taking time out to celebrate the Nigerian culture and what you are sure to get from living in Nigeria.

Let’s dive right in!

Living in Nigeria- 10 things you’ll immediately understand

1.     Nigerian Parents

Living in Nigeria is not complete without them

Yes, Nigerian parents or in fact all African parents are indeed a special breed of people. I mean no one can really understand them.

A Nigerian parent shows their love in very abnormal ways. “Drop it on my head na”, “so you want to fight me?”

There is absolutely no Nigerian who can’t recall the hot slap they received from a Nigerian parent.

Really, being Nigerian has Nigerian parents wahala written all over it. They make living in Nigeria so dramatic.

2.     The Love of Aso Ebi

Ah, Nigerian weddings!

The king of owambe itself! Nigerian weddings are the best time of the week or month. Nothing compliments a wedding better than expensive asoebi clothes.

It’s now even turning to competition. My asoebi must be better than my friend’s own. If you haven’t been to a Nigerian wedding, you simply do not know what you are missing.

There’s food everywhere and so much fun.

3.     The Love of Jollof Rice

Jollof rice is king!

Nigeria is famous for its jollof rice. I mean there’s even an ongoing war between Nigerian and Ghanaian Jollof.

It’s often called party rice as it’s used everywhere. I’m yet to see someone who actually hates Jollof rice.

The entire country is in love with Jollof rice. It’s incredible!

4.     Twitter Wars

Nigeria won’t be complete without mentioning Twitter Nigeria. Just talk rubbish first. Then, you will see the other side of Nigerians.

They simply do not care who you are. They will drag you like Tiger Generator. Twitter wars in Nigeria is something worth checking out.

Nigerians have no chill at all.

5.     Suffering and Smiling while living in Nigeria

Living in Nigeria

Nigeria is a country of over 200 million people. 40% of those people are living in poverty. However, Nigerians are always smiling and cheerful.

Every sunday, we flock to churches and mosques. Most Nigerians dream of living an easy life and becoming rich.

Regardless of how bad the economy gets, Nigerians are always looking to the future. It’s incredible.

6.     The Lagos Traffic Jam and Living in Nigeria

Living in Nigeria

If there’s a universally known fact in Nigeria, it’s the Lagos traffic Jam. There’s a popular saying that someone going to London gets there before the person who drops them at the airport.

It’s really that bad. Yet, I doubt Nigerians will have it any other way. It’s really now part of the culture. Lagos is Nigeria.

7.     Nigerians never take anything seriously

Nigerians never take anything seriously. They always find a way to make a joke out of everything that happens to them.

Did you get coronavirus? Memes everywhere!

You can never see Nigerians mourning. Everything is partly a joke to them.

This is mostly how we survive in this country.

Really, who would blame us?

8.     Our Proverbs

Nigerians are suckers for proverbs. Really, they absolutely love a good proverb!

“Monkey dey work, Baboon dey chop” is just one of the many proverbs in Nigeria. Nigerians love their culture and they live up to it.

Understanding these proverbs show how deep you are into the Nigerian culture.

9.     Festivals

Nigerians like enjoyment o. Just visit all the states during the festive periods. There’s always one festival or carnival in Nigeria.

Calabar carnival is the biggest in Nigeria and one of the biggest in the world. The Bole Festival is also one of the largest growing festivals.

Nigerians turn out for these festivals in their masses. Nothing spoil!

10.Nigerians are proud of their heritage

Living in Nigeria  is fun
Nigeria is beautiful

We love who we are. Most Nigerians no matter how much they insult their country can’t fit it anywhere else.

They miss home. They miss eba. Who wouldn’t? Nigeria is our home and we are proud of our heritage

Final Thoughts on Living in Nigeria

Life in Nigeria today is fun. Nigerian culture is really booming. We absolutely love the fact that we are Nigerians.

Nigeria is home.

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