First Impression for Nigerian Men- Meeting the Future In-laws


Nigerian in-laws. Just thinking of those words can leave you feeling nervous. As a guy, meeting your future in-laws can be a nerve-racking experience.

This is especially true if your in-laws are from a different tribe. You’d also probably feel like you are walking on a thin line that could break any minute. Living in Nigeria is really a pot of beans.

Calm down joor. While it can be nerve-wracking as a guy, you can definitely pull it off. Here are some things that can help you create the perfect first impression.

Tips on how to impress your future in-laws

Be Yourself

Yes, this is so important. There’s a nagging temptation to try to act cool. That can easily lead to you sounding fake. Trust me guys, there’s nothing worse than sounding fake to a Nigerian mother-in-law.

So be yourself. Don’t overdo things.

Know your future in-laws

You should also know who your future in-laws are. Your partner should be able to help you out here. Find out little things about them. Perhaps you can find out more about her dad’s favorite football club? Or maybe what type of gift to give your future mother-in-law.

Thus, having a good idea of what they like can be enough to strike up a wonderful conversation.

Dress Well

We can’t say this enough. You must dress well. Trust me, your first impression can be amazing just by how you dress. Also, remember that some clothes that your guys may love might be inappropriate to her parents.

So make sure you pay attention to this area. We also recommend that you keep it simple. Perhaps jeans (not skinny jeans oh!) and a nice T-shirt will do the trick.

If you have to meet them in a formal event, then the safest choice will be your native or your suit. Any other thing is a risk.


In most Nigerian households, respect is expected. One way to reduce your chances fast is to be disrespectful to her parents. This is especially a wrong move if she’s Yoruba.

Respect their culture and be nice. You can win over both parents just by doing this.

Be Ready to Learn

It’s very easy for a conversation in Nigeria to turn into a lecture. This time, you’d probably end up being the student. You have to be ready to learn.

To achieve this, try to keep an open mind on the matter. Try to see things from their points. This does not mean you have to agree to everything they say.

Hence, this can keep the conversation light and hearty.

Stay Humble

Make sure you stay humble. Don’t start rambling on about your new job and how much you earn. While some people might be impressed, most parents might see you as proud. Try to be humble. Humility will never get you into trouble.


Remember that the day is all about meeting your partner’s loved ones. So make sure you make it special. A bit of creativity will always be welcome.

Do this properly and you’d have her parents on your side pretty soon!


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