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Everyone wants to experience love someday. Love is a secret to almost all good things, believe it or not. But “love”can make people do terrible things and that shouldn’t be the case. People find out after a breakup how hard they’ve been on themselves. Some can’t even recognize themselves anymore because they become this whole other stranger to save a relationship. True love should never have to do you like that.

Just getting into a relationship? Been in a relationship? Considering a relationship? All those are great. But changing to another person because of a relationship isn’t the best way to go about it. Change is good, it is constant but it takes time and it’s usually preferable when it’s for the best. When you enter a relationship, you have to always protect yourself. The core of you. The part of you which has no business changing. A love quote goes “Actual love, as in unconditional love, doesn’t mean you love everything about the person. It means you don’t need them to be different than they are for you to be happy.”

Here are a few things no one, regardless of gender, should have to do for a relationship or in the name of love.

Never abandon your dreams for a romantic relationship

You should never have to give up on your dreams for love. Even if it’s the woman of your dreams or your Prince Charming, abandoning your dreams is never the right idea. In the future, you’d look back and realize you’ve actually never been happy. Someone who truly loves you should be able to support your dreams and help you achieve them provided they are on a good path.

Never abandon family and friends

Your family and friends are people who have held you down in your worst times. They’ve seen you cry, laugh, scream and shout but they’ve always been there for you. Throwing them away because of love or a relationship could make you end up being empty and lost on the inside.

Romantic relationships, especially raising a family, tend to take up a lot of your time and energy but always remember people who were by your side when you weren’t in one. Of course you wouldn’t be able to spend as much time as you usually would with them, but don’t abandon them completely.

Never Beg For Attention

You should never have to beg for attention from your significant other. If you find yourself having to do that all the time, then it’s a sign the relationship isn’t working. When you no longer feel love or effort from your partner after bringing it up so many times, it’s time to leave. You should never let go of your self respect. There is no one way to express love but there is only one result.

Never compete for/in a romantic relationship

People say if you want something, go for it no matter what. That applies to various areas in life but not love. You cannot win someone into loving you. You cannot love someone into loving you. So competing is never an option because when a worthy opponent comes, you’ll be kicked out just like the last. The time and energy you should be dedicating into a healthy relationship should not be wasted competing.

Never do something you’re strongly against

You’ve heard a lot that love is full of compromise. Finding a middle ground where you both can come to an agreement and that’s fine. But always doing what the other person wants, even if you’re strongly against it is not a sign of a healthy relationship. Always agreeing to what your partner says is questionable. You should have to think independently to be sure you truly agree with them.

Never be too dependent in a romantic relationship

Building a life with your partner shouldn’t let you forget you are an individual of your own. You shouldn’t be too dependent on them and be able to think and make decisions when they aren’t around. Know your values, get a hobby, meet new people, try new things and you can do all these while still respecting your partner.


Never stay in an abusive relationship. Abuse relationships aren’t always physical. They can be emotional, psychological and/or physical. Never be too scared to talk about it to someone. Also remember that no one hurts something they love.


A quote by Gil Grissom goes “What we are never changes, but who we are, never stops changing.” Always remember what you are, no matter what.

Let us know what you think and if you’ve been in a relationship that almost made you forget yourself.

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Never do these for a romantic relationship

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